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Issue No. 5 (Autumn 2008)


It’s all about the Money? Issues for the Regulation of Genetic Testing
By Rachit Buch {B.Sc. Student, Life Sciences}
The politics and economics of genetic testing.

Alienation and the City, or, How to Find and Lose yourself in Berlin and Kars
By William Fysh {M.A. Student, Arts & Humanities}
Urban space, identity and memory in Cees Nooteboom’s All Souls’ Day and Orhan Pamuk’s Snow.

Post-apartheid South Africa: Evaluating South Africa’s Institutional Design
By Robert Hopper {M.Sc. Student, Social & Historical Sciences}
Consociationalism and democracy in post-apartheid South Africa.

A Spectral Turn around Venice
By Luke Jones {B.Sc. Student, The Bartlett}
Following in the footsteps of John Ruskin.

The Reliability of the Narrator in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children and Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude
By Ronan McFadden {M.A. Student, Arts & Humanities}
Narrative reliability and factual truth in two magical-realist novels.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: A New Hope or a New Controversy?
By Dr Sayandip Mukherjee {Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Sciences}
Exploring the possibilities of therapeutic cloning and iPS cells.


'Three Little Boys'
By Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed


Dr Jenny Gimpel's Response to ‘Gender(sic) Equality(sic)’ by Martin Sewell
Prof. Roger S. Wotton's Reflections on Responses to 'The Ten Plagues of Egypt'


Researching Unpopular Government Policy
By Prof. Trisha Greenhalgh
The Biology of Fairness Revealed
By Stephen M. Fleming
London Festival of Architecture 2008
By Léa-Catherine Szacka