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Save the Children launch website designed with CORU's help

17 October 2011

Save the Children have just launched a health financing website (equitablehealthfinancing.org) designed with the help of Christina Pagel and Martin Utley of CORU and colleagues at the Centre for International Health and Development. The website aims to help policy makers in low and middle income countries navigate the complex evidence around different ways of financing a health system, especially given the gradual phasing out of fees at point of use. The website uses a variety of methods to summarise the evidence of a rapid literature review, fully exploiting web architecture by including cross-referencing and searchable and sortable tables. Most innovative are new ‘scattar plots' (a combination of scatter and radar) showing a graphical summary of the evidence of impact for different tools (see also figure) where the distance of each study (dot) from the centre depends on how closely the context of that study matches the country of the user.

This work was recently presented at the HaCIRIC conference on Global Health Infrastructure and the next stage is to elicit feedback from users.

Health financing summary

An example "scattar plot". Each dot represents a study about the impact of a health financing mechanism with the colour indicating the overall impact (green positive, red negative). Using the mouse to hover over a dot will bring up the study reference and clicking on a dot will take the user to a summary of the article. Grey dots show where there are studies but no evidence relating to that particular goal of a health financing system (in this case, to promote equity).

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