Open education



Please read the following studies to learn more about UCL's OE initiative:

  • Open Education at UCL: sharing and showcasing our educational output poster, presented at the Learning on/with the Open Web conference (OWLTEH18) 2018 [online] [pdf]
  • OPENED@UCL: UCL OER repository policy [pdf]
  • Deposit agreement [pdf] [docx]
  • Open education roadmap by Orlič, D. and Young, C. 2017 [pdf]
  • A connected curriculum for higher education by Fung, D. 2017 [online/pdf]
  • Developing the higher education curriculum by Carnell, B. and Fung, D. 2017 [online/pdf]
  • Open education scoping study by Orlič, D. and Young, C. 2016 [pdf]

Further information

To learn about open education and UCL's open agenda you can browse the following links: