One Day in the City 2014 News


23 May 2014


For something a little different: this year members of the English department will be giving a number of short "in-a-nutshell" pop-up seminars on writers or writing they love, which relates to London and literature.

Some of them will be on the schedule, and some won't, so keep your eyes and your ears open...

Venues: Darwin B05 - just next door to the Darwin Lecture Theatre - and the South Cloisters


"London at Night" given by Matthew Beaumont in the Darwin B05 at 1pm; 

"Jane Austen and London" given by John Mullan in the South Cloisters at 1.30pm;

"Geoffrey Chaucer and the East End" given by Richard North in Darwin B05 at 1.30pm;

"Henry Fielding" given by Jonathan Coe in Darwin B05 at 2.30pm;

"Milton and London" given by Zoe Hawkins in Darwin B05 at 3pm;

"Keats and the Suburbs" given by Greg Dart in Darwin B05 at 3.30pm;

"T.S.Eliot in London" given by Mark Ford in Darwin B05 at 4.10pm.