Institute of Nuclear Medicine


Balaji Ganeshan


Dr Balaji Ganeshan is a Medical Imaging Inventor/Scientist, Founder & Entrepreneur.

Dr Ganeshan holds the position of Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine at University College London since 2012. Dr Ganeshan has published in over 60 scientific journals and has given a number of invited/keynote talks and presentations at conferences and meetings. His main areas of research are in Radiomics/Texture-analysis as an imaging biomarker across different modalities - CT, MRI, PET/CT, PET/MRI in oncological and non-oncological applications including cardiology, neurology/psychiatry and fibrosis.

In parallel to the academic activities, Dr Ganeshan has affiliations within the medical imaging industry where he co-invented TexRAD (Texture analysis of Radiological Images - an innovative medical imaging software analysis). TexRAD came out of his PhD research in Biomedical Engineering (specialising in Medical Imaging) at the University of Sussex from 2004-2007 working under an eminent Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician Prof Ken Miles from Brighton & Sussex Medical School and Senior Academics from the School of Engineering.

Dr Ganeshan co-founded TexRAD Ltd in the UK in 2011 to develop a commercially applicable software platform (following the medical standards and quality-processes - ISO13485 and regulatory-approvals e.g. CE) and undertake further research & development

In 2014, TexRAD Ltd was bought over by Feedback Plc (listed on the London Stock Exchange) and now based in Cambridge, UK.