National Surveillance of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood


Janet Masters (1952-2012)

Janet worked at the Institute of Child Health here for over 25 years (from January 1987) joining Catherine Peckham's newly created Paediatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit as a data entry clerk and administrator, supporting various studies in the Unit. From the mid-1990s she worked on the National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood - first as an administrative assistant, and then as the Study Co-ordinator and Data Manager. She was the key member of our team who made everything work smoothly - she worked tirelessly to foster good relationships with our network of clinical respondents throughout the UK and Ireland, maintained and developed our database, trained and managed the NSHPC research assistants and clerical staff, and supported many MSc and PhD students and clinicians who've worked with the NSHPC data and on related studies. Over the years she's also worked closely with colleagues at GOSH, the Health Protection Agency, the MRC Clinical Trials Unit, the Children's HIV Association, and others working in public and child health. Her contribution has been crucial to the work we've done in monitoring and evaluating the management of HIV in pregnancy and childhood, providing evidence which has helped reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV, and helping to improve the health and prospects of women and children living with HIV. 

Although Janet was rarely the person who stood on the platform to talk about our work, her dedication, attention to detail, and understanding of the study and our data meant that others could do that with confidence. Janet was good humoured, loyal, and committed to her work, and an extremely well-liked and well-respected member of the team, department and Institute. She continued working throughout her illness as much as possible, and she did this with a cheerfulness and dignity which inspired us all.

Janet continued to come into work until October 2012, and died just two months later on 18th December 2012. If you wish to make a donation in Janet's memory, her family have set up justgiving pages for three charities, all of which supported Janet and her family at different points over the last 18 months of her life. The family have written a small paragraph in each page to outline why they have nominated each charity.