NPP Seminar Series:  2015

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Wednesdays 1-2pm (any change will be noted)

Location: H.O.Schild Lecture Theatre, G46 Medical Sciences Building

Please contact our NPP seminar organizer Dr. Stefan Trapp should you wish to suggest or host speakers.

Please contact the host should you wish to meet the speaker.


Wed 20 May 1-2pm

Prof Chris Miller

"A weird ion channel for a weird ion: Fluoride resistance in microorganisms"

Host: Professor David Attwell -


Fluc-type F- channels, used by microorganisms for resisting fluoride toxicity, are unusual in their quaternary architecture. They are thought to associate as dimers with the two subunits in antiparallel transmembrane orientation. Here we subject this unusual structural feature to a direct test. Single purified Fluc channels recorded in planar lipid bilayers are constitutively open, with rare, short-lived closings. Using combinatorial libraries, we generated synthetic binding proteins,“monobodies,” that specifically bind to Fluc homologues with nanomolar affinity. Reversible binding of monobodies to two different Fluc channel homologues is seen in single-channel recordings as long-lived nonconducting events that follow bimolecular kinetics. By applying monobodies sequentially to the two sides of the bilayer in a double-sided perfusion maneuver, we show that Fluc channels present monobody-binding epitopes to both sides of the membrane. The result definitively establishes that Fluc subunits are arranged in dimeric antiparallel orientation.  The architectural features  of this channel are confirmed by new crystal structures of Fluc homologues in complex with monobodies.


3 June

Prof Bernard Thorens

"Brain glucose sensing in glucose and energy homeostasis regulation"

Host: Dr. Stefan Trapp


1 July

Prof Vitaly Klyachko

"BK channels and synaptic transmission"

Host: Professor Annette Dolphin -


Friday 10 July 12-1pm

Jeffrey J. Iliff, PhD; Assistant Professor

Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Dr. Illiff from TEDMED 2014: "One more reason to get a good night's sleep"

Dr. Iliff's research follows two main paths. This first is the exploration of how the brain's support cells, called glia, contribute to maintaining the proper environment for neuronal function and how their failure in conditions like vascular dementia, stroke and traumatic brain injury leads to neurodegeneration. The second seeks to define the basic cellular mechanisms by which brain blood flow is coordinated up and down the vascular tree.

Title: TBA

Host: Dr Andrew Batchelor


15 July

Associate Prof Kirsteen Browning

"Chewing the fat: Effects of diet on the vagus nerve"

Host: Dr. Stefan Trapp


22 July

Associate Prof Stephan Pless

Title: TBA

Host: Prof Lucia Sivilotti