Gill Bates

Molecular Basis of Huntington’s disease

Andrew Copp
Developmental biology of neural tube defects

Annette Dolphin
Voltage-dependent calcium channels

Elizabeth Fisher
Motor neuron degeneration and genes

Matthew Gold
Molecular basis of neuronal second messaging

John Hardy
Genomic and cellular investigation of neurodegeneration

James Jepson
Drosophilia Neurogenetics

Nicoletta Kessaris
Forebrain neurogenesis

Josef Kittler
Cell biology of the synapse

Alison C Lloyd
Peripheral nerve regeneration and cancer

Neil Millar
Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Stephen Price
Neuronal development

Antonella Riccio
Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms in developing neurons

Bill Richardson
Neuroglial stem/progenitor cells

Jason Rihel

Patricia Salinas
Cell signalling in synaptic plasticity and synapse degeneration

Stephanie Schorge
Ion channels and disease

Lucia Sivilotti
Ion channels as single molecules

Trevor G Smart
Molecular pharmacology of GABA and glycine receptor-ion channels

Claudio Stern
CNS Development

Martin Stocker
Molecular pharmacology and physiology of potassium channels

Jernej Ule
Structure and function of neuronal protein-RNA complexes

David Whitmore
Circadian clocks in zebrafish

Stephen Wilson
Zebrafish CNS development

John Wood
Molecular genetics of sensory neurons


David Attwell
Neuron-glial interactions and brain energy supply

Marco Beato
Glycinergic inhibition in the ventral spinal cord

Issac Bianco
Zebrafish circuits and behaivour

Liam Browne
Nociceptive Circuits

Mike Cheetham
Cell Biology of Neurodegeneration

Stuart Cull-Candy
Ca2+-permeable AMPARs and synaptic plasticity

Michael Duchen
Neuronal activity, mitochondrial function and cell death

Mark Farrant
Ionotropic GABA and glutamate receptor signalling

Jonathan Gale
Cell development and regeneration

Alasdair Gibb
Ion channel receptors and synaptic transmission

Linda Greensmith
The Graham Watts Laboratories for Research into Motor Neuron Disease

Michael Häusser
Dendritic Processing

Kris Jessen & Rhona Mirsky
Development, differentiation and de-differentiation of peripheral glial cells

Martin Koltzenburg
Chronic Pain

Dimitri Kullmann
CNS synaptic transmission, epilepsy, and inherited mutations of ion channels in neurological disease

Andrew MacAskill

Synaptic and circuit basis of emotional behaviour

Shin-ichi Ohnuma
Cell cycle and neural development

Sandip Patel
Neuronal calcium signalling by NAADP

Rachael A Pearson
Stem Cell Therapy and Retinal Degeneration

Paola Pedarzani
Ion channels regulating neuronal excitability and firing properties

Dmitri Rusakov
Principles of synaptic signal formation in the brain

Synaptic and circuit basis of emotional behaviour

Giampietro Schiavo
Axonal transport in health and disease

Mala Shah
Voltage-gated ion channels

Angus Silver
Synaptic transmission and neural computation

Kenneth Smith
Pathophysiology of neuroinflammation

Sarah Tabrizi
Cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration

Kirill Volynski
Mechanisms of neurotransmitter release in health and in neurological disease

Matthew Walker
Mechanisms and treatment of epilepsy


Caswell Barry
Memory, space, and hippocampal networks

Tim Behrens

Storing and updating models of the world for controlling behaviour

Daniel Bendor
Neural Coding of Perception and Memory

Sven Bestmann
Decision implementation and action preparation

Jennifer Bizley
Auditory and auditory-visual perception

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
The social brain and its development

Robert Brownstone

Neural circuits for movement

Neil Burgess
Neural networks and hippocampus

Francesca Cacucci
Hippocampal neural circuits

Matteo Carandini
Sensory representation by neuronal populations

Ray Dolan
Emotion and decision making

Maria Fitzgerald
The Developmental Biology of Spinal Cord and Cortical Pain Processing

Patrick Haggard
Control of human action

Kenneth Harris
Computation in cortical circuits

Giandomenico Iannetti

Human sensory neuroscience

Kate Jeffery
The neural representation of space and context

Tara Keck
Cortical synaptic plasticity

Steve Kennerley
Neuronal mechanisms of learning and decision making

James Kilner
Action observation: perceptual learning and inference.

Alexander Kraskov
Cortical and subcortical mechanisms of movement generation and inhibition

Peter Latham
Network dynamics and neural coding

Nilli Lavie
Attention and Cognitive control

Nicholas Lesica
Population coding in sensory systems

Zhaoping Li
Computational neuroscience

Eleanor Maguire
The neural basis of spatial and episodic memory in humans

Geraint Rees
Cognitive neuroscience of attention & awareness

Jon Roiser
Neural basis of motivation and emotion

Maneesh Sahani
Theoretical Neuroscience and Machine Learning

Tali Sharot

Information Processing and Belief Formation

David Skuse
Genetic influences on social cognition

Vince Walsh
Visual Cognition 

Nick Ward
Plasticity and recovery in health and disease

Jason Warren
Clinical neuroscience of complex sound