Nordic/Baltic seminar series


ESRC Seminar Series


The seminar series is now finished, but please follow the links below for information about the seminars.

The inter-disciplinary seminar series brings together social scientists and historians to analyse an under-researched region that is of particular interest both from the academic and the British perspective.

The region contains states with similar population sizes and strong cultural and economic ties that have yet had very different recent histories. The Nordic/Baltic region combines established, aligned and non-aligned democracies and post-communist states, wedged between stable Scandinavia and unstable Russia in a way that no other region in Europe does.

From a British perspective, the region has mental similarities – firmly in Europe, yet somehow not quite – and historically significant ties to the United Kingdom, most recently highlighted by financial ties to the Nordic countries and remarkably high numbers of migrants from the Baltic states.

We argue that the Nordic and Baltic states provide an ideal ground for analysing the dynamic interplay between economic, cultural and historical factors and testing hypotheses about region building processes (e.g. within the frameworks of the EU and NATO) and convergence (e.g. economic, social and environmental policy, value orientations).