Non religious belief


Grant competitions | Projected timeline

This timeline sets out projected dates for the Understanding Unbelief grant competitions. These dates may be subject to change. 

Please note, although projects may complete any time before the latest end date, projects teams must be represented at the closing capstone conference in June 2019.

Grant scheme Application deadline(s) Earliest start-date Latest end-date Maximum duration
Understanding Unbelief (RFP1) Oct 2016 (LOI*)
Jan 2017 (FP*)
Jul 2017 Jun 2019 24 months
Early Career Awards (RFP2) Jun 2017 (FP*) Oct 2017 Jun 2019 18 months
Public Engagement (RFP3) Oct 2017 (FP*) Jun 2018 Jun 2019 12 months

* LOI = letter of inquiry

* FP: full proposal’