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2015 MINAP Annual Report

Huge Improvement in Heart Attack Treatment, 9/10 of cases seen on time.

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NICOR Data Entry Portal

Due to the relocation of the NICOR servers, the  NICOR data entry portal  will not be available from 4 pm on Friday 27/1/2017 until Saturday afternoon, 28th January. There is also a possibility of the outage extending into Sunday. 

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Planned closure of the MINAP portal

To facilitate an upgrade to the MINAP data entry interface, as well as launch our live data completeness tool, we will be taking down the MINAP portal on Monday 21st November 2016. 

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MINAP annual report 2014

HEART ATTACK CARE – Mortality rates for STEMI fall by a third over 10 years as

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Better care, better outcomes

The experience of any patient suffering a heart attack can be described as a ‘pathway’, along which there are numerous opportunities to receive individual items of care. The provision of all these items, as a ‘bundle of care’, can be looked on as optimal treatment as described in Clinical Guidelines – recommendations that interpret or translate the results of research within carefully selected groups of patients into general clinical practice for all patients.

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