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NICOR Data Entry Portal

Due to the relocation of the NICOR servers, the  NICOR data entry portal  will not be available from 4 pm on Friday 27/1/2017 until Saturday afternoon, 28th January. There is also a possibility of the outage extending into Sunday. 

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The refresh of the National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit including data for operations undertaken between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2014 is published today (15/09/2015) at http://www.scts.org/modules/surgeons/default.aspx and my NHS https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/performance/Consultants. The data is in response to the NHS England transparency agenda and gives activity and risk adjusted mortality rates for all hospitals and surgeons in England and Wales, and hospital level data for Scotland and Northern Ireland. It should be noted that the results reflect activity and mortality rates in the period under scrutiny and may not reflect more contemporaneous results.

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NACSA response to NHSE

The NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, requested written assurance from The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) that the validation and analytical processes used to deliver the adult cardiac surgery audit managed by NICOR are fit for purpose and had been applied appropriately. NICOR responded by describing the processes applied for data validation and risk adjustment and demonstrating their appropriateness within the context of a national clinical audit reporting at consultant level.

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NICOR statement regarding National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit data validation

NICOR’s mission is to provide accurate data on cardiovascular outcomes for the public, healthcare providers and the medical profession. NICOR manages the National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit, which has been reporting risk adjusted* outcomes since 2005. The most recent hospital and consultant procedure numbers, risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality and risk factor incidence were published for NHS hospitals and individual consultants in April 2014.

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