NICOR: National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research



MINAP is overseen by the Steering Group represented by the following stakeholders:

MINAP Steering Group membership 
Name Job title and organisation
Dr Clive Weston Chairman; MINAP Clinical Lead 
Dr Mark de Belder Interventional Cardiologist, James Cook University Hospital
Dr Iain Simpson President of British Cardiovascular Society

Dr Mike Knappton on behalf of 

Prof Peter Weissberg

Associate Medical Director, British Heart Foundation
Prof Tom Quinn Associate Dean for Health & Medical Strategy, University of Surrey
Fiona Dudley Lead Nurse for Cardiology from MINAP participating hospital, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Chris Gummer Database Co-ordinator from MINAP participating hospital, Bristol Heart Institute
Prof Adam Timmis Chairman of MINAP Academic Group
Dr Peter Ludman  Clinical Lead for the BCIS Audit for PCI
Professor Chris Gale Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist University of Leeds, York Teaching Hospital
 Dr Gethin Ellis Consultant Cardiologist, South Wales Cardiac Network
 Dr Fiona Moore NASMED Medical Director
 Dr John Riddell Consultant Cardiologist, Northern Ireland
Sue Manuel MINAP Senior Developer, NICOR
Alan Keys MINAP Patient/Carer Group Representative
Iain Thomas MINAP Patient/Carer Group Representative
James Chal
NICOR Chief Operating Officer
Dr Kevin Stewart Clinical Director of the Clinical Effectiveness & Evaluation Unit, Royal College of Physicians
Kathleen Reinoga Project Manager for MINAP & PCI
Trevor Corrithers Project Coordinator for MINAP & PCI

MINAP also works closely with the British Cardiovascular Society and British Cardiovascular Intervention Society.

The Steering Group meets four times per year to discuss the progress of the current and the future developments, and to ensure that project meets its deliverables and is sustainable.

MINAP Steering Group minutes 23 November 2016

MINAP Steering Group minutes 19 January 2016

MINAP Steering Group minutes_11 February 2014

MINAP Steering Group minutes_29 April 2014 

MINAP_Steering Group minutes_18 November 2014

MINAP_Steering Group minutes_20 May 2015