NICOR: National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research


Annual reports

The findings from the National Audit of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions are available in a number of ways: 

Summary Reports

The National Audit of PCI publishes an annual report each year. The latest report covering reporting period of January - December 2015 was published on 14 September 2017. The annual reports are available below:

pdf-large Annual report 2015 (pdf)
Press release 2015 (pdf)

Annual report 2014 (pdf)

Key facts 2014 (pdf)

Press release 2014 (pdf)

NB:The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) commissions work for the Percutaneous Cardiology Intervention (PCI) audit for England and Wales only.  Data included from other devolved nations or organisations outside of England and Wales are provided through separate arrangements between NICOR and those organisations

pdf-large Annual report 2013 (pdf)
pdf-large Annual report 2012 (pdf)
pdf-large Annual report 2011 (pdf)

Individual Consultant Operator Reports

Since July 2013,  individual PCI consultant operators reports are published on the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society website. The analysis includes the outcomes for over 600 consultants working in the UK in 2014. 

The consultant operator reports based on 2014 data was published on  13 October 2015.

The same data were also published in a different format on MyNHS website on 7 December 2015. 

Quality Accounts

The reporting period for the audit is based on the calendar year. The case ascertainment rates for the Quality Accounts for 2015 will be available in October 2016.

BCIS Autumn Meeting Presentation

An extensive analysis of the audit data is undertaken each year and presented at the BCIS Autumn Meeting. A library of 2014 analyses is also available via the BCIS website.

2016 Publication dates

Publications of the analyses of 2015 data will be announced in May 2016.