UCL News


Staff guide to UCL channels

UCL Communications & Marketing are responsible for the central communications channels listed below, which aim to promote relevant UCL news and achievements to particular audiences.

UCL events calendar


  • Audience - external
  • Promotes public events happening around UCL
  • Content also entered into Brainfood print leaflet
  • Feeds into homepage and e-newsletters

Key contact: events [at] ucl.ac.uk 

UCL events blog


  • Audience - staff and students, external visitors
  • Coverage of events AFTER the event (e.g. reviews)
  • Content produced by bloggers across UCL community
  • Feeds into homepage and e-newsletters

Key contact: Ben Stevens (benjamin.stevens [at] ucl.ac.uk) 



  • Audience - prospective students, current students and some alumni
  • Content priority - interesting happenings on campus, student experience, focus on UCL people, impressive research, Throwback Thursday, Friday Quiz
  • Over 95,000 'likes'
  • Varied audience, including current students and alumni

Key contact: digital-comms [at] ucl.ac.uk



  • Audience - prospective, current students and some alumni
  • Content priority - striking, highly shareable images of UCL or UCL activity 
  • Nearly 2,000 followers

Key contact: Ben Stevens (benjamin.stevens [at] ucl.ac.uk)



  • Audience - research/academic community, prospective students
  • Content priorities - thoughtful analysis and opinion pieces, high-profile lectures, music and soundscapes of UCL
  • Storage platform for audio content
  • 500,000+ subscribers

Key contact: Ben Stevens (benjamin.stevens [at] ucl.ac.uk)

Twitter (@ucl)


  • Aimed at external and internal audiences interested in what’s happening across the UCL community, with a focus on publically palatable information
  • Nearly 10,000 followers
  • View key information

Key contact: digital-comms [at] ucl.ac.uk

Twitter (@uclnews)


  • Audience - UCL community and key external audiences (e.g. journalists)
  • Content priority - key UCL news/coverage and institutional announcements
  • Over 28,000 followers

Key contact: Charles Hymas (c.hymas [at] ucl.ac.uk)



  • Audience - academic/research community, prospective students
  • Content priorities - content that shows academic leadership, facilities on campus, global and local impact
  • Nearly 1.5 million views in total
  • 6,000+ subscribers

Key contact: digital-comms [at] ucl.ac.uk



  • Audience - prospective students, UCL community
  • Content priorities - showcasing huge variety of student and staff activity
  • Good sets of images
  • Embedded in news pieces/blogs/social media and feature on homepage
  • Showcases huge variety of student and staff activity taking place at UCL
  • Good for sets of images
  • Embed in news pieces/blogs/social media and feature on homepage

Key contact: Ben Stevens (benjamin.stevens [at] ucl.ac.uk)

UCL Homepage


  • Audience - prospective students (approximately two thirds of traffic)
  • Content priorities - reflecting activity against the themes and enablers of UCL 2034
  • 40,000 views per day
  • Best content curated from different channels

Key contacts: Ben Stevens (benjamin.stevens [at] ucl.ac.uk) or Bex Caygill (r.caygill [at] ucl.ac.uk)

UCL News


  • Audience - media, public, UCL community
  • Online repository of news articles and press releases
  • Content written by us about UCL news and achievements of external interest

UCL in the media

Key contact: Bex Caygill (r.caygill [at] ucl.ac.uk)


  • Audience - staff/students, external
  • Online archives of external media coverage
  • Feed into homepage, UCL e-newsletters and other websites

Key contacts: Bex Caygill (r.caygill [at] ucl.ac.uk)

The Week @ UCL


  • Audience - UCL staff
  • Content priorities - developments relevant to all staff e.g. pensions information, Bloomsbury Masterplan
  • Weekly internal e-newsletter
  • Sent to all UCL staff on a Thursday
  • Includes staff-relevant content, e.g. Pensions info, Bloomsbury Masterplan
  • Sector-leading open rates

Key contact: Pete Hart (peter.hart [at] ucl.ac.uk)



  • Audience - UCL students
  • Weekly internal e-newsletter
  • Content priorities - developments relevant to all students, information to support students to get the most out of their experience at UCL

Key contact: Pete Hart (peter.hart [at] ucl.ac.uk)

UCL Insights


  • Audience - key external opinion formers (e.g. MPs, funding bodies)
  • Content priorities - 'impactful' content, UCL 'making a difference'
  • Fortnightly e-newsletter
  • Sector-leading open rates

Key contact: Ben Stevens (benjamin.stevens [at] ucl.ac.uk)