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Iris Liu

Hear from our very first Instagrammer in Residence, second year economics student Iris Liu...

Instagrammer Iris Liu
We're inviting UCL students to be a UCL Instagrammer in Residence for a week this term. They'll share their experiences of studying at UCL and living in London with their visual and written perspectives shared through our social media and digital channels.

Our very first Instagrammer in Residence is second year economics student Iris Liu, who captures snippets of life in London and abroad through her unique Instagram feed (@iirriiss.liu). Iris took the time to chat to us about the new opportunities she’s been given as a UCL student and her interesting photography style.

1. What made you decide to study at UCL?

I studied in Cyprus before UCL and my favourite economics teacher there who’d helped and inspired me a lot had studied at UCL. He told me many stories about the student life in London and at UCL and as I’d always wanted to experience living and studying in London, UCL as one of the top universities in London became my first option to study at.

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2. What are your three favourite things about studying at UCL?

I love UCL in many ways. The most fascinating thing about UCL is that there are many opportunities for me to try new things, like taking part in fashion shows and attending networking events to meet people from top companies while also making new friends. The lecturers and staff are another thing I like about UCL; I always feel cared for whenever I experience difficulties in life or study.

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3. What is it like living in London?

London is unlike any other place I’ve lived in – it’s more vibrant and full of possibilities. As an art lover, I always like visiting museums, art galleries and theatres. There are also many ambitious and hard-working people around me who give me the initiative to explore my potential. It’s a place that gives me a new life experience.

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4. What is your most memorable experience at UCL so far?

Although I want to say every experience I’ve had here is memorable, the most memorable one is actually the most negligible thing: the time I spent with my friend studying in the library for our exam. I feel like no matter how fancy the life we live outside university is, the experience of putting in effort in order to accomplish what we pursue is the proudest thing to be brought up with in the future.

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5. What do you love about photography?

Photography to me is a snap of a moment in life. As a “chill” photographer, I prefer analogue over digital photography. I like to use Polaroids and film cameras to record small objects or scenes. To me, the most important aspect of a photo is not the resolution or even the composition. What I’m still practicing is shooting photos that have a unique atmosphere and tickling emotions.

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6. Best piece of advice for students who just started studying at UCL?

Don’t be afraid to try new things and go and reach out to more people. Cherish the opportunity and experience you’ll get here!

7. You have a free day to spend at one place in London. Where do you spend it?

I like spending my day visiting exhibitions and hanging out with friends at the Tate Modern and the Southbank area, while Shoreditch is an area I like to visit for photographing.