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Instagrammer in Residence


Want to show off your photography skills and have your photos promoted by UCL?

Become a UCL Instagrammer in Residence and have a selection of your photos of UCL and London featured on the official UCL Instagram account and digital displays around campus for one week as a #UCLInstagrammerinResidence.

Click here to apply to be a UCL Instagrammer in Residence.

See our previous Instagrammers in Residence below.


Monkey skeleton in UCL Grant Museum by Vachagan Melikian @the_great_deutschbowl Nov 2019

Vachagan Melikian

Meet our first Instagrammer in Residence for 2019/20, first-year Computer Science BSc student Vachagan Melikian...

Kew Gardens by Michelle Shen @mishishen Nov 2019

Michelle Shen

Our second Instagrammer in Residence, affiliate Biomedical Sciences student Michelle Shen tells us her remedy for homesickness and favourite spots around UCL.

Cem Yirik_self portrait_2019

Cem Yirik

Our third Instagrammer in Residence for the 2019/20 academic year is Chemical Engineering student Cem Yirik, who has some great advice for making the most of your time at UCL.

Chengyao Ye_self portrait_2019

Chengyao Ye

Our fourth Instagrammer in Residence for the 2019/20 academic year is MA Comparative Literature student Chengyao Ye, who has a passion for street photography. 

Fahim Ahmed Profile Photo, London 2019

Fahim Ahmed

Our last Instagrammer in Residence for the 2019/20 academic year is BSc Applied Medical Sciences student Fahim Ahmed, who has captured some of the most iconic spots to visit at UCL and around London.

Instagrammers in Residence 2018/19

Iris Liu

Hear from our very first Instagrammer in Residence, second year economics student Iris Liu...

Chen Zhang

Meet our second Instagrammer in Residence, third year Computer Science PhD student Chen Zhang...

Jason Kong

Our third Instagrammer in Residence, second year physics MSc student Jason Kong, talks to us about making the most of life at UCL, and squirrels...

Kam Poon

Third year Chemistry student Kam Poon, our fourth Instagrammer in Residence, tells us about his experience living in London, having grown up here, and his best piece of advice to students just starting at UCL.

Ivaylo Arnaudov

First-year Information Management for Business student Ivaylo Arnaudov chatted to us about how he and his flatmates unwind and his favourite view of London.

Rebecca Zheng

Human-Computer Interaction Master's student Rebecca Zheng chatted to us about her experience studying both a bachelor’s and master’s at UCL, strong work ethic and favourite London haunts for pretty photos.



Terms and Conditions
  • You must be a current and enrolled student of UCL.
  • You must post a minimum of 4 photos during your week of residency.
  • All photos must be your own.
  • Your photos should: 1) capture the dynamism of life at UCL; 2) contain original and interesting subject matter; 3) demonstrate strong composition.
  • Only photographs posted on your Instagram account and with the #UCLInstagrammerinResidence hashtag during your week of residency will be eligible to be shared by UCL.
  • Only GDPR compliant photographs will be shared by UCL. See below for guidance.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions and to your submitted photos potentially being published in the myUCL newsletter, on UCL's official social media channels, across UCL's websites, and in UCL printed and digital publications.
  • Although participants will be remunerated for their participation with a £25 Amazon voucher, this will not be considered to constitute a contract of employment.


GDPR Compliance

In order for UCL to share an Instagrammer in Residence’s photos via our communications channels they must be compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that photos should not feature identifiable people without evidence of their express permission. Here are ways of taking GDPR compliant photos:

Instagram - Portico @agneseabrusci
Take shots of buildings or scenery not featuring people.

Instagram - Tavistock Square (square)
Take shots of a group or large number of people who aren’t reasonably identifiable.

Instagram - UCL students
If taking a photo that you'd like us to share which focuses on an individual or small group where the people featured are reasonably identifiable (as in the photo above), make sure you 1) obtain written permission from the people who will be featured before taking the photo, and 2) send this written permission to digitalcommunications@ucl.ac.uk. Written permission can be obtained by having featured people sign this consent form. Simple written confirmation from each reasonably identifiable person that you have their permission to take their photo and for UCL to share that photo on our communications channels will also suffice. Note that permission requires noting an email address or phone number of each of the reasonably identifiable people featured in the photo. UCL will not be able to share any image(s) on our communications channels which feature people we don’t have permission from.

Instagram - Opening Session (pixelated)
If a person or people is/are captured incidentally in the background of a shot and their face(s) is/are identifiable, UCL can attempt to blur their face(s) in order for us to be able to share the shot on our Instagram and other accounts, as long as doing so does not diminish the photo.



Please note that GDPR compliance pertains to UCL’s ability to share the photos an Instagrammer in Residence takes. The photos an Instagrammer in Residence shares on their own Instagram account do not have to be GDPR compliant. As mentioned though, non-GDPR compliant photos will not be shared via UCL communications channels except where UCL can de-identify incidental people through blurring of faces. Please use this consent form to record permission from reasonably identifiable people in any photos you take and which you'd like UCL to share.