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live@UCL email and calendar service is being improved, enlarged and migrated

14 June 2013


During the weekend transition starting 8pm, Friday 12 July 2013 and ending by 12pm, on Monday 15 July, each user will potentially experience up to 3 hours of disrupted service as your data is safely copied and migrated.  We ask for your patience if you happen to encounter issues over the transition weekend.   

What differences will I see? 

Increased mailbox storage

Your mailbox size limit will increase to 25GB, from the current 10GB mailbox limit.

Two identities

After the transition, you will actually  have two accounts, with the same <userid>@live.ucl.ac.uk username. The only difference is how the password is managed:

  • UCL account - to access your live@UCL email and calendar service, administered by UCL. (aka Institution account or Online identity). You manage the password on this account in the usual way, through the MyAccount page myaccount.ucl.ac.uk
  • Personal Microsoft account - allows access to other Microsoft services such as SkyDrive and Skype (Messenger) which are not supported by ISD. This account will be Microsoft administered. Changes you make to your password in MyAccount will not apply to these services.
  • Both accounts will start with your current central UCL password.

No co-branding in OWA (Outlook Web App)

The live@UCL and UCL banner will disappear, i.e. the logos you currently see within an Outlook Web App browser window (aka OWA, webmail).

Although this is a background transition to Office 365, the email and calendar service will remain known as live@UCL.

What will I have to do?

The switch-over will not require you to carry out any preparation on your emails or calendar

If you use OWA, continue to use the URL: http://outlook.com/live.ucl.ac.uk


live@UCL team, Information Services Division