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Incident in Westminster: UCL security advice for staff and students

No UCL staff or students were involved in yesterday’s attack on Westminster. However, the attacks have resulted in an increased focus on security in central London, and staff and students are asked to note the following practical advice from UCL Security.

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Spotlight on Jordan Rowe

This week the spotlight is on Jordan Rowe, Centre Manager of the UCL Urban Laboratory.

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Making the move to Research Connect

If you currently use Research Professional to search for research funding opportunities, please note that UCL’s subscription to the software will end on 27 March, and we will be moving to a new system, Research Connect. It has a more intuitive search and user-friendly interface designed to make it simpler to search for funding opportunities, as well as bringing you research and higher education policy news.

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Vice-Provost's View: More global engagement

Since my last VP View, four months ago, Brexit has stayed on my list of preoccupations, now joined by the new US President’s executive orders restricting immigration from a number of countries.

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Spotlight on Tan Sapsaman

This week the spotlight is on Tan Sapsaman, Global Citizenship Programme Administrator in the UCL Office of the Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs).

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Provost’s View: How UCL engages with government and parliament

The UK faces its greatest public policy challenge for decades as a consequence of our forthcoming exit from the European Union and its likely aftermath. At such times, we would all hope that policy decisions are being made following careful consideration of high-quality evidence and relevant expertise.

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Spotlight on Professor Cheryl Thomas

This week the spotlight is on Cheryl Thomas, Professor of Judicial Studies in UCL Laws, Director of the UCL Jury Project and Co-Director of the UCL Judicial Institute.

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Spotlight on Dr Rosie Gilbert

This week the spotlight is on Dr Rosie Gilbert, PhD Research Student and Specialist Trainee in the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

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UCL statement on yesterday’s Article 50 vote

Dear colleagues and students, I am alert to the fact that the government bill, which will allow Article 50 to be triggered, passed through the House of Commons yesterday, without any amendments being accepted.

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Spotlight on Lesley Hayman

This week the spotlight is on Lesley Hayman, Head of Global Partnerships in the UCL Global Engagement Office (GEO).

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UCL statement: Holocaust-denying literature on UCL campus

On Friday 3 February, illegal and offensive literature was distributed on the UCL campus that was subsequently removed as soon as possible. We understand that other universities were also targeted.UCL strongly condemns the material and those who brought it onto our campus. The incident was reported to the Metropolitan Police who are treating this as an offence.

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