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People 2013

Awards and Appointments

For notices of awards and appointments from November 2013, please see the Awards and Appointments page of the Provost's website.

October 2013

Awards, appointments, elections and honours

Dr Daniel Bendor (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) is a Finalist in the annual Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology. His essay has been published in Science.

Eight members of UCL staff have been elected to the membership of the Academia Europaea:

  • Professor Rachel Bowlby (UCL English Language & Literature)
  • Professor Richard Catlow (UCL Chemistry)
  • Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL Economics)
  • Professor Anthony Finkelstein (UCL Engineering)
  • Professor Lisa Jardine (UCL Centre for Humanities Interdisciplinary Project)
  • Professor Stephen Shennan (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
  • Professor Claudio Stern (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology)
  • Professor John Tasioulas (UCL Laws)

The Academia Europaea  is a European non-governmental organisation which aims to promote a wider appreciation of the value of European scholarship and to encourage interdisciplinary and international research in all areas of learning. Invitations for membership are made only after peer group nomination, scrutiny and confirmation as to the scholarship and eminence of the individual in their chosen field.

September 2013

Awards, appointments, elections and honours

Professor Michael Batty (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis CASA) has been awarded the Vautrin-Lud Prize, awarded at the 24th International Festival of Geography.

Professor Dmitri Rusakov (UCL Institute of Neurology) has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Principal Fellowship, the top personal investigator award from the Trust, to explore "Neural coding with the tripartite synapse". 

Professor David Alexander (UCL Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction) has been given the Distinguished Research Award of the International Society for Integrated Disaster Risk Management.

July 2013

Awards, appointments, elections and honours

Professor Alexander Shluger (UCL Physics & Astronomy) was awarded the £10,000 Daiwa Adrian Prize by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation.

Professor Polina Bayvel (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering) was awarded the Royal Society  2013 Clifford Paterson Lecture for her fundamental research in high bandwidth digital communications and nonlinear optics. Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) was awarded the Royal Society 2013 Rosalind Franklin Award and Lecture for her scientific achievements and her proposal to promote women in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

Professor Jonathan Butterworth (Head of Department, UCL Physics and Astronomy) who was awarded the Chadwick Medal and prize "for his pioneering experimental and phenomenological work in high energy particle physics". 

Dr John Morton, Royal Society University Research Fellow and UCL Reader in Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics, was awarded the Moseley Medal and prize "for his contributions to experimental quantum control of electron and nuclear spins towards applications in quantum technologies, especially in the understanding of hadronic jets."

Captain Jerry Roberts was given Honorary Fellowship of UCL Council. He graduated from UCL in German and French in 1941, when that department was evacuated to Aberystwyth. He quickly became a leading figure at Bletchley Park during the War as a senior code-breaker, and one of four founding members assigned to breaking Hitler's most secret code, Tunny/Fish, which was credited with shortening the War by at least two years. 

Provost's Teaching Awards 2013

  • Staff at the beginning of their teaching career

    • Dr Adrien Desjardins (UCL Medical Physics and Bioengineering) 
    • Dr Richard Milne (UCL Centre for Virology) 
    • Dr Benn Thomsen (UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
  • Experienced academic staff

    • Professor Chris Barker and Professor Nancy Pistrang (Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology)
    • Dr Elizabeth Benjamin (Research Department of Pathology, Cancer Institute)
    • Dr Marcos Martinon-Torres (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
    • Professor Andrew Fisher (UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy)
    • Mr Mike Rowson (UCL Institute of Global Health)
    • Ms Jo Volley (UCL Slade School of Fine Art)
    • Dr Andrew Wills (UCL Department of Chemistry)
  • Staff involved in student learning

    • Mrs Stepphanie Anyadi (UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences)
  • Postgraduate teaching assistant

    • Mr Adam Townsend (UCL Mathematics)
  • Team collaboration - joint award to:

    • Professor Alexi Marmot, Peter McLennan (Course Director, London) and Dr Ljiljana Marjanovic Halburd (Course Director, Singapore); Professor Michael Pitt and Dr Fuzhan Nasiri (Bartlett School of Graduate Studies); Professor Nick Tyler, Professor Richard Simons, Dr Paul Greening and Dr Julia Stegemann (UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)
  • Student Choice Teaching Awards 2013

    • Outstanding teaching

      • James Frederick and Daniel Hales (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
      • Daniel Roger (UCL Economics)
      • Mr Mike Rowson (Institute for Global Health)
      • Isidoros Stourthos (UCL Mathematics)
    • Outstanding personal support

      • Judy Medrington (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
      • Isidoros Stourthos (UCL Mathematics)
    • Outstanding support for teaching


      • Dr Alistair McClelland (UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences)
      • Judy Medrington (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
      • Julie Pitcher (Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology)


Professor Polina Bayvel (UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering) has won the IEEE Photonics Society (IPS) 2013 Engineering Achievement Award, "For seminal advances in optical networks, including efficient wavelength routing architectures and electronic DSP algorithms to mitigate data degrading effects."

Dr Mark Lythgoe, Director of the UCL Centre of Advanced Biomedical Imaging and of Cheltenham Science Festival, has been elected as a Fellow of the British Science Association for an outstanding contribution to promoting science in society. 

Professor Buzz Baum (MRC-LMCB) and Professor Nick Luscombe (Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute, UCL) became fellows of the European Molecular Biology Organisation.

Professor Polina Bayvel (UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering) has been awarded the IEEE Photonics Society (IPS) 2013 Engineering Achievement Award.

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, KBE (UCL President and Provost) has been awarded a knighthood for services to Higher Education in the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2013.

Professor Sir Peng Tee Khaw (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) has been awarded a knighthood for services to Ophthalmology in the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2013.

Professor Dame Anne Johnson (UCL Infection and Population Health) has been awarded a damehood for services to the study of Infectious Diseases in the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2013.

Jeremy Watson, CBE (UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment) has been awarded a CBE for services to Engineering in the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2013.

Professor Albert Weale, CBE (UCL Political Science) has been awarded a CBE for services to Political Science in the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2013.

Professor Peter Fonagy, OBE (UCL Psychology) has been awarded an OBE for services to Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology in the Queen's Birthday Honours for 2013.

June 2013

Awards, appointments, elections and honours

Professor Paul Ekins (UCL Energy Institute) has been appointed as a member of the International Resource Panel. Professor Ekins' first three-year term will run until May 2016.

February 2013

Awards, appointments, elections and honours

Dr Geraint Jones (UCL Space and Climate Physics) has been selected to exhibit at this year's Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. His subject is Ice Worlds: The Solid Bodies of the Outer Solar System. It is a highly competitive process and only 1 in 5 are selected. The exhibition is the Society's most prestigious event of the year and dates back to their Soirees founded in around 1778.

The Bartlett's Professor of Architecture and Director of Architecture and Design at the Centre Pompidou, Frédéric Migaryou, has been appointed to judge this year's Mies van der Rohe Award as part of an expert jury consisting of eight individuals chaired by Wiel Arets. The prize is granted every two years to acknowledge and reward quality architectural production in Europe.

Three projects from UCL Digital Humanities have been nominated for the International Digital Humanities Awards 2012:

  • (1) Best Digital Humanities Project for public audiences: Transcribe Bentham;
  • (2) Best DH visualization or infographic: Quantifying Digital Humanities, an infographic;
  • (3) Best Use of DH for Fun: Textal.

January 2013

Awards, appointments, elections and honours

Professor Sue Atkinson (UCL Epidemiology) has been named as the Joan H Tisch Distinguished Fellow in Public Health at Hunter College, New York. She is the first international fellow, the award recognising her many contributions to the field of public health.

Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker (UCL Biochemical Engineering) has been awarded the Donal Medal by the Council of the Institute of Chemical Engineers. The medal, awarded for individual contribution to biochemical engineering, is named after a former UCL Ramsay Professor.

Provost's Awards for Public Engagement have been awarded to the following people:

  • Deborah Padfield - Public Engager of the Year (Student)
  • Charlotte Frearson - Public Engager of the Year (Support Staff)
  • Hannah Fry - Public Engager of the Year (Academic/Research staff grade 6 or 7)
  • Dr Sara Mole - Public Engager of the Year (Academic/Research staff grade 8+) (shared)
  • Professor Sophie Scott - Public Engager of the Year (Academic/Research staff grade 8+) (shared)
  • Professor Judith Stephenson - Leadership Prize

Professor Peter Fonagy (UCL Psychoanalysis Centre) has been awarded the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Psychological Society. The society honoured Professor Fonagy "in recognition of his outstanding research and teaching achievements. His work has transformed the way we understand human attachment and many common and serious mental disorders and his findings have been translated into effective new methods of treatments, transforming clinical practice across the world."


Dr Sonya Crowe (UCL Clinical Operational Research Unit) has been awarded an Improvement Science Fellowship by Health Foundation for "developing original, applied research, which will make a real difference to improving healthcare in the UK and contribute to the knowledge base of the science of improvement."

Professor Uta Frith (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) has been made an honorary Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE). Professor Frith, who is Emiritus Professor in Cognitive Development at UCL, was presented with the honour by David Willetts MP, the Minister for Universities and Science.

The scientific life of Professor Sir Salvador Moncada, Senior Investigator at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research at UCL, is to be honoured with the Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine at a ceremony in Hamburg on 3 May 2013.

Since 1990 the Ernst Jung Gold Medal for Medicine has been awarded in recognition of lifetime medical achievements which have largely been completed, and which have already made a major contribution to medical progress.

Together with the symbolic medal of honour, winners are also given control over a scholarship amounting to €30,000 which they may award to an aspiring scientist of their choice.

Professor Karl Friston (Institute of Neurology) was awarded the 2013 Weldon Memorial Prize.  The Weldon Memorial Prize is given yearly by the University of Oxford. The prize is awarded to "the person who, in the judgement of the electors, has, in the ten years next preceding the date of the award, published the most noteworthy contribution to the development of mathematical or statistical methods applied to problems in Biology."

If you are due to receive an award please tell us your story.