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Vicky Speck Memorial Leadership Award: Anthony Watkinson (UCL School of Library, Archive & Information Studies)

Academy of Medical Sciences
Fellows: Professor Robin Ali (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology), Professor Timothy Cole (UCL Institute of Child Health), Professor Anthony Dickenson (UCL Pharmacology), Professor Elizabeth Fisher (UCL Institute of Neurology), Professor Chris McManus (UCL Psychology) and Dr Tilli Tansey (Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL)

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Max Planck Society
Max Planck Research Award: Professor Ray Dolan (UCL Institute of Neurology)

American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Foreign Honorary Member: Professor William Twining (UCL Laws)

Arts & Humanities Research Council and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
UK Science & Heritage Research Programme Director: Professor May Cassar (UCL Bartlett School)

Asian Achievement Awards
Woman of the Year: Dr Usha Menon (UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women's Health)

Association of European Psychiatrists
Research Prize for the best scientific paper in 2006 in the field of psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry and psychotherapeutic interventions in mental disorders: Dr Helen Killaspy (UCL Mental Health Sciences)

Bellman Prize
Dr Stephen Baigent (UCL Mathematics), Dr Murad Banaji (UCL Mathematics and UCL Medical Physics & Bioengineering), Professor Dave Delpy (UCL Medical Physics & Bioengineering) and Dr Ilias Tachtsidis (UCL Medical Physics & Bioengineering), for the best paper in 'Mathematical  Biosciences' over a two-year period

Baby Charter Neonatal Awards Research Award: Professor Linda Franck (UCL Institute of Child Health)

British Academy
Fellow: Professor Mark Armstrong (UCL Economics), Professor Rachel Bowlby (UCL English Language & Literature) and Professor Mary Fulbrook (UCL German)

British Academy for the Advancement of Science
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Prize: Dr Tiziana Rossetto (UCL Civil & Environmental Engineering)

British Association for Slavonic & East European Studies
Alexander Nove Prize: Dr Andrew Wilson (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies), for 'Virtual Politics' and 'Ukraine's Orange Revolution'

British Association of Urological Surgeons
St Peter's Medal Professor Christopher Woodhouse (UCL Institute of Urology);
Gold Telescope Award: Mark Emberton (UCL Institute of Urology)

British Computer Society
Roger Needham Award: Dr Mark Handley (UCL Computer Science)

British Medical Association
2006 Medical Book Competition Public Health Section First Prize: Professor Sir Michael Marmot and Professor Richard Wilkinson (UCL International Institute for Society & Health), for the second edition of 'Social Determinants of Health';
Cardiology Section First Prize: Professor Robert Anderson and Dr Andrew Cook (UCL Institute of Child Health), for 'Surgical Anatomy of the Heart'

British Paediatric Neurology Association
MacKeith Prize Co-Winner: Dr Richard Chin (UCL Institute of Child Health);
President-Elect: Dr Helen Cross (UCL Institute of Child Health)

British School of Archaeology in Iraq
Chairman: Professor Roger Matthews (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

British Society for the History of Science
Outreach & Education Committee 2007 Image Prize: Dr Joe Cain (UCL Science & Technology Studies), for 'Connecting Threads'

Cheltenham Science Festival
2007 Co-Director: Dr Mark Lythgoe (UCL Medicine and UCL Institute of Child Health)

Chinese University of Hong Kong
Honorary Adjunct Professor: Professor Theo Hermans (UCL Dutch)

Council for British Research in the Levant
Honorary Secretary: Dr Andy Garrard (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Council of Royal Physicians
Member: Professor Linda Luxon (UCL Institute of Child Health)

'Current Neurovascular Research'
Editorial Board Member: Dr Patrizia Ferretti (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Department for Constitutional Affairs
Honorary QC: Professor Hazel Genn (UCL Laws)

Department of Health
External Reference Group Member: Professor Wisia Wedzicha (UCL Medicine);
Lifetime Achievement Award: Professor Roger Ekins, past Head of UCL Molecular Endocrinology

Econometric Society
Fellow: Professor Jean-Marc Robin (UCL Economics)

Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Chief Executive and Deputy Chair: Professor David Delpy, UCL Vice-Provost for Research;
Senior Media Fellowship: Dr Andrea Sella (UCL Chemistry)

Erasmus Prize Foundation Research Prize:
Dr Bleda During (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

European Economic Association
Council Member: Professor Wendy Carlin (UCL Economics)

European Molecular Biology Organization
Member: Professor Salvador Moncada (UCL Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research)

European Society for Population Economics
President: Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL Economics)

'Financial Times' and Aviva 'Thought Leader'
Professor Bill McGuire (Benfield-UCL Hazard Research Centre)

Genetic & Evolutionary Computation (GECCO) Conference 2007
Gold Prize for Human-Competitive Results Produced by Genetic & Evolutionary Computation: Dr Steven Manos (UCL Chemistry)

Geologists' Association
Henry Stopes Medal: Mark Roberts (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

'Handelsblatt' (Germany)
Top German Economists Working Abroad
Sixth Place and First Place Under 40: Professor Steffen Huck (UCL Economics);
Eleventh Place: Professor Christian Dustmann (UCL Economics)

Harvard University
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library & Collection 2007/2008 Resident Fellowship: Dr Elizabeth Graham (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Higher Education Active Community Fund
Student Volunteering Award: 'The Music Project', set up by Joyce Ngai (UCL Medicine)

Higher Education Funding Council for England
Clinical Senior Lectureship: Dr Persis Amrolia (UCL Institute of Child Health), Dr Anna David (UCL Obstetrics & Gynaecology), Dr John Hurst (UCL Centre for Respiratory Research), Dr Rajeshwar Mookerjee (UCL Medicine), Dr James Moon (UCL Medicine), Dr Neil Sebire (UCL Institute of Child Health), Dr Stuart Taylor (UCL Medicine), Dr Russell Viner (UCL Institute of Child Health), Dr Nicholas Ward (UCL Institute of Neurology), Dr David Werring (UCL Institute of Neurology) and Dr Martin Widschwendter (UCL Gynaecological Oncology)

History-Society-Culture (h-soz-u-kult)
Publications Prize and History Book of the Year: Dr Philipp Mueller (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies), for 'Auf der Suche nach dem Täter: Die öffentliche Dramatisierung von Verbrechen im Berlin des Kaiserreichs'

Horst-Bickel Award
Dr Philippa Mills (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Lasers & Electro-Optics Society Board of Governors: Professor Alwyn Seeds (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

International & American Associations for Dental Research/Colgate
Research in Prevention Travel Awards: Dr Francesco D'Aiuto (UCL Eastman Dental Institute)

'International Journal of Pediatric Obesity'
Editorial Board: Dr Catherine Law and Professor Tim Cole (UCL Institute of Child Health)

International League against Epilepsy
Ambassador for Epilepsy: Dr Helen Cross (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Kohn Foundation
Ernst Chain Prize: Professor Robin Weiss (UCL Immunology & Molecular Pathology)

Lakatos Award
Dr Hasok Chang (UCL Science & Technology Studies)

Leverhulme Trust
Early Career Fellowship: Giancarlo Gavioli (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering) and Kristin Kovarovic (UCL Anthropology);
2007 Emeritus Fellowship: Professor William Twining (UCL Laws);
2006 Philip Leverhulme Prize: Dr Daniel Feltham (UCL Earth Sciences), Dr Maria Loh (UCL History of Art) and Dr Andrei Yafaev (UCL Mathematics);
Research Fellowship: Professor James Croll (UCL Civil & Enviromental Engineering), Professor Julian Graffy (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies), Dr Andrew Hemingway (UCL History of Art) and Professor David Tuckett (UCL Psychology)

Low Pay Commission
Member: Professor Steve Machin (UCL Economics)

'Madam Figaro' (Cyprus)
Academic/Scientist Woman of the Year 2006: Dr Marilena Loizidou (UCL Surgery)

Medical Futures
2007 Cardiovascular Innovation Award: Professor Alex Seifalian (UCL Surgery)

Medical Journalists Association
Book Award 2007 General Interest Winner: Dr Cecil Helman (UCL Primary Care & Population Sciences), for 'Suburban Shaman; Tales from Medicine's Frontline'

Medical Research Society
Endocrinology Section Prize: Dr Lin Lin (UCL Institute of Child Health);
Young Investigator Award: Dr Hayden Homer (UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women's Health)

Medical Women's Federation
President 2006/2007: Melanie Davies (UCL Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

Minerva Foundation
Golden Brain Award for 2007: Professor Ray Dolan (UCL Institute of Neurology), in recognition of his contributions to the study of the emotional brain

Morgan Stanley 2006 Great Britons Awards
Science & Innovation category nominees: Professor Geoff Raisman (UCL Spinal Repair Unit) and Dr Paul Brennan (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering);
Public Life category nominee: Professor Sir Michael Marmot (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health)

Museum Documentation Association
Board of Directors: Dr Suzanne Keene (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Museums, Libraries & Archives Council
Head of Museum Policy: Hedley Swain (UCL Institute of Archaeology);
Regional Agency (East Midlands) Chair: Dr Helen Forde (UCL School of Library, Archive & Information Studies)

National Health Institute of Italy
National Project of Oocyte Cryopreservation Senior Advisor on Reproductive Cryobiology: Dr Barry Fuller (UCL Surgery)

National Health Service
Innovations Award ICT/Software Category: Dr Stewart Boyd, Alan Worley and Ralph Smith (UCL Institute of Child Health)

National Secular Society
Secularist of the Year: Professor Steve Jones (UCL Biology)

Natural Environment Research Council
Science & Innovation Strategy Board Chair: Professor Duncan Wingham (UCL Earth Sciences), effective 1 September 2007

New Year Honours
Knighthood for services to human rights: Sir Geoffrey Bindman, Visiting Professor, UCL Laws;
Knighthood for services to science: Professor Sir John O'Reilly, former UCL Professor of Telecommunications and Head of UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering;
DBE for services to anthropology: Professor Dame Mary Douglas (Honorary Fellow 1994), Professor Emerita UCL Anthropology, and former Professor of Social Anthropology;
CBE for services to geography and higher education: Professor Kenneth Gregory (UCL Geography 1959; PhD 1962; DSc 1982; Fellow 1999);
CBE for services to the NHS: Professor Sheila Haworth (Royal Free MB BS 1964; MD 1976), Professor of Developmental Cardiology and Head of Cardiovascular & Respiratory Sciences, UCL Institute of Child Health;
CBE for services to equal opportunities and human rights: Ms Sarah Spencer (MPhil UCL Bartlett 1977);
CBE for services to software engineering: Dr Martyn Thomas (BSc UCL Biochemistry 1969);
OBE for services to paediatrics and to child health: Professor Jonathan Sibert (MA UCL Medical School, 1967);
MBE for services to sports medicine: Dr John Lloyd Parry, Dean of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine, UCL Surgery;
MBE for services to biomedical services: Professor Michael Wren, UCL Centre for Infectious Diseases & International Health

New York University Medical Center and School of Medicine
Biotechnology Study Center Dart/NYU Biotechnology Achievement Award: Professor Salvador Moncada (UCL Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research)

Olympic Delivery Authority
Planning Committee Member: Professor Janice Morphet (UCL Bartlett School)

Optical Society of America
Ellis R Lippincott Award for 2007: Professor Jonathan Tennyson (UCL Physics & Astronomy)

Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council
Inaugural Science & Society Fellowship: Dr Margaret Aderin (UCL Physics & Astronomy and UCL Science & Technology Studies)

'Physics World'
2006 Quiz of the Year Winner: Dr Tony Harker (UCL Physics & Astronomy)

PMForum Inc.
Global Advisor: Professor Peter Morris (UCL Bartlett School)

'Personnel Today'
Top 40 Power Players 2007 Number 10: Professor Dame Carol Black (UCL Medicine)

Queen's Birthday Honours
Knights Bachelor for services to architecture: Professor Sir Peter Cook, Bartlett Professor of Architecture;
CB: Stephen Aldridge (MSc UCL Economics 1982), Director of the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office;
CBE for services to transport: Richard Brown (MPhil UCL Town Planning 1977), Chief Executive of Eurostar;
CBE for services to scholarship: Dr Myles Burnyeat (PhD UCL Philosophy 1965), staff member in UCL Philosophy (1964-1978);
CBE for services to environmental science: Professor Georgina Mary, Honorary Fellow in UCL Biology (1983-1989);
CBE for services to medicine: Clare Marx (MBBS UCL Preclinical Medicine 1977), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust;
CBE for services to literature: Professor Stanley Wells (UCL English 1951; Fellow 1994), Shakespeare scholar and Chairman, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust;
OBE for services to special needs education: Professor Rita Jordan (UCL Psychology 1963), Head, Autism Studies, University of Birmingham;
OBE for services to science: Professor Nigel J Mason (UCL Physics & Astronomy 1983; PhD 1987; DSc 2002), Professor of Physics, Open University;
MBE for services to healthcare in Totton, Hampshire: Dr John Dracass (UCL MBBS 1971);
MBE for services to Street Children Kabul, Afghanistan: Dr John Earle (Middlesex Hospital);
MBE for services to the armed forces: Dr Ian Fraser (UCL Clinical Medicine 1966);
MBE for services to the community in Aberaeron, Ceredigion: Mr John Gwynne-Hughes (UCL Laws 1991), Clerk, Aberaeron Town Council and solicitor;
MBE for services to local government in the City of London and to the community in the South East: Douglas Mobsby (UCL Laws 1957), Senior Partner of Pothecary & Barratt;
MBE for services to dentistry: Alexandra Moss, Head Dental Nurse, Department of Orthodontics, Eastman Dental Institute;
MBE for services to healthcare: Susan Usiskin, Epilepsy Counsellor, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery

Royal Academy
Summer Exhibition Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects Award: CJ Lim (UCL Bartlett School)

Royal Astronomical Society
Gold Medal for Astronomy: Professor Len Culhane (UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory)

Royal College of Nursing
Fellowship: Dr Faith Gibson (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Royal College of Pathologists
Member: Dr Tom Jacques (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Royal Historical Society
Fellow: Dr Andrew Reynolds (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Royal Society
2007 Francis Crick Lecturer: Professor Geraint Rees (UCL Institute of Neurology);
2008 Bakerian Lecturer: Professor Robin Clark (UCL Chemistry);
GlaxoSmithKline Prize: Professor Mark Pepys (UCL Medicine);
Royal Society Medal for Applied Sciences: Professor Cyril Hilsum;
Wolfson Research Merit Award: Professor Polina Bayvel (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Royal Society of Chemistry
Industrially Sponsored Award in Statistical Mechanics & Simulation: Professor Sally Price (UCL Chemistry)

Royal Society of Edinburgh
Fellow: Professor Willie Motherwell (UCL Chemistry)

Royal Society of Medicine
Clinical Neurosciences Section President-Elect: Professor Linda Luxon (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Saudi Ophthalmological Society
Gold Medal: Professor David Taylor (UCL Institute of Child Health)

Science & Technology Facilities Council
Science Board Deputy Chair: Professor Jenny Thomas (UCL Physics & Astronomy);
Member: Professor Gabriel Aeppli (London Centre for Nanotechnology)

Sense about Science
Voice of Young Science Media Workshop Panellist: Dr Andrea Sella (UCL Chemistry)

Society for Archaeological Sciences
President: Professor Thilo Rehren (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Society for Legal Scholars
2006 Peter Birks First Prize: Dr Diamond Ashiagbor (UCL Laws), for 'The European Employment Strategy: Labour Market Regulation and New Governance'

French Ministry of Education
Officier des Palmes Académiques: UCL Vice-Provost Professor Michael Worton

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
Council Member: Dr Andrew Gardner (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

'The Times'
Law Panel Member: Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws)

'Times Higher Education Supplement'
Young Academic Author of the Year shortlist: Dr Nick Lane (UCL Medical School), for 'Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life';
Research Project of the Year shortlist: Professor Paul Longley, Professor Richard Webber and PhD student Daryl Lloyd (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis), for Surname ProfilerUniversity of California, Berkeley
Visiting Professor: Professor Michael Martin and Dr Véronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL Philosophy)

University of Leicester
Honorary Doctor of Laws: Professor Dame Hazel Genn (UCL Laws)

University of Otago (New Zealand)
Honorary Doctorate of Laws: UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant

University of Ulster
Honorary Doctor of Science: Professor Rick Battarbee (UCL Environmental Change Research Centre)

Institute of Physics
Student Travel Prize in Positron Physics: Dan Murtagh (UCL Physics & Astronomy)

UK Erasmus Student Awards
2006 Photography Category Winner: David Tett (UCL French);
Essay Prize Shortlist: Abla Kandalaft (UCL History)

UK National Stem Cell Network
Steering Committee Member: Dr Chris Mason (UCL Biochemical Engineering)

US President's Council of Advisors on Science & Technology
Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group Member: Professor Steven Currall (UCL Management Studies and UCL Centre for Enterprise & the Management of Innovation)

World Archaeology
Editorial Board Member: Dr Andrew Reynolds (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Zumtobel Group
Award for Sustainability & Humanity in the Built Environment Jurist: Professor Colin Fournier (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture)


Provost's Teaching Awards: Dr Helen Beer (UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies), Claire Colomb (UCL Bartlett School of Planning), Dr Rob Miller (UCL School of Library, Information & Archive Studies), Dr Ray Noble (UCL Obstetrics & Gynaecology and UCL Physiology), Professor Thilo Rehren (UCL Archaeology), Dr Andrea Sella (UCL Chemistry), Dr Caroline Selai (UCL Institute of Neurology), Dr Jennifer Van Heerde (UCL Political Science) and, jointly, Charmian Dawson, Professor Elizabeth Shephard and Dr Andrea Townsend Nicholson (UCL Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Fellowship: Nica Burns (UCL Laws 1976); Rt Hon Terry Davis (UCL Laws 1960); John Heywood (UCL Laws 1968);
Honorary Fellowship: Professor Leslie Aiello, formerly UCL Anthropology; Professor Uta Frith (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience); Dr Negley Harte (UCL History); William Margulies; Professor Chris Pitt, formerly UCL Engineering Sciences; Professor Patrick Vallance, formerly UCL Medicine

UCL Honorary Degrees
Doctor of Literature honoris causa: Professor Martin Daunton; Doctor of Literature honoris causa: Mr Andrew Davie; Doctor of Literature honoris causa: Mr Antony Gormley; Doctor of Science (Medicine) honoris causa: Professor Arthur Kwok-Cheung Li; Doctor of Literature honoris causa: Professor Njabulo Ndebele; Doctor of Science honoris causa: Professor Anne Treisman; Doctor of Laws honoris causa: The Right Honourable Lord Young of Graffham

Pro-Provost (China, Hong Kong & Macau): Professor Moira Yip (UCL Phonetics & Linguistics) with effect from 1 October 2006

UCL Business Award
Professor Arne Akbar, Dr Peter Amlot and Professor George Janossy (UCL Immunology & Molecular Pathology), for research into therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

UCL and London Business School London Entrepreneur's Challenge 2006/2007
Phase One Winner: Bring It Back, led by graduate student Umair Rashid (UCL Centre for Enterprise & the Management of Innovation);
Postgraduate, Staff & Alumni Category Winner: ProFocal, led by Tim Carter and Dean Barrett (UCL Medical Physics & Bioengineering);
Undergraduate Winner: ClinSkills, led by Diana Marcus and Masumi Tanaka Gutiez (UCL Medical School)

UCL Bartlett School
Chair of Facility & Environment Management: Dr Alexi Marmot (Alexi Marmot Associates), with effect from 1 January 2007;
Chair of Urban & Regional Development: Dr Nick Phelps (University of Southampton), with effect from 1 May 2007

UCL Biomedical Sciences
Executive Dean and UCL Medical School Head: Professor Edward Byrne, with effect from early 2007

UCL Chemistry
Professorship: Professor Julian Evans (Queen Mary), with effect from 15 September 2007, and Professor Zheng Xiao Guo (Queen Mary), with effect from 15 September 2007;
Readership in Chemistry: Dr Jawwad Darr (Queen Mary), with effect from 1 May 2007

UCL Computer Science
Readership in Information Processing: Dr David Barber (IDIAP Research Institute, Switzerland)

UCL Development & Corporate Communications Office
Director: Arthur (Art) Wasserman, with effect from 1 June 2007

UCL Economics
Chair of Economics: Professor Guy Laroque (Laboratoire de Macroéconomie, Centre de Recherche en Économie et Statistique, Paris)

UCL Epidemiology & Public Health
Chair of Social Epidemiology: Professor Mika Kivimäki (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and University of Helsinki)

UCL Geography
Readership in Human Geography: Dr Ruth Panelli (University of Otago), with effect from 3 January 2007

UCL Graduate School Research Images as Art/ Art Images as Research Competition
Winner: Giulia Ricci (UCL Slade School of Fine Art);
Second Prize: Fraser Simpson (UCL Biology);
Runners Up: Helen Brand (UCL Earth Sciences), Margarita Myrogianni (UCL Slade School of Fine Art), Charlie Bristow (UCL Earth Sciences), Alexis Ashot (UCL History of Art), Dietmar Backes (UCL Geomatic Engineering)
People's Choice Prize: Brock Craft (UCL Computer Science)

UCL Institute of Neurology
Chair of the Molecular Biology of Neurological Disease: Professor John Hardy (National Institute on Ageing, Bethesda, USA), with effect from 1 April 2007

UCL Laws
Chair of Commercial Law: Mr Robert Stevens (Oxford), with effect from 1 July 2007;
Chair of Empirical Legal Studies: Professor Pascoe Pleasence (UCL Laws), with effect from 1 May 2007;
Chair of Intellectual Property Law: Sir Hugh Laddie, with effect from 1 September 2006;
Chair of Law: Maria Lee (King's College London), with effect from 1 September 2007, and Professor Bob Sullivan (Birmingham), with effect from 1 July 2007

UCL Management Science & Innovation
Readership in Enterprise & the Management of Innovation: Dr Bert De Reyck (London Business School), with effect from 1 August 2007

UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Faculty Teaching Award 2007: Dr Ian Wood (UCL Earth Sciences)

UCL Mathematics
Astor Chair of Mathematics: Professor Keith Ball (UCL Mathematics), with effect from 1 May 2007; Chair of Applied Mathematics: Professor Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck (University of East Anglia), with effect from 1 September 2007

UCL Medicine
Potter Chair of Nephrology: Dr Robert Kleta (National Institutes of Health, USA), with effect from 1 October 2006;
Richard Cristin Chair of Hepatology: Professor William Rosenberg (Southampton), with effect from 1 October 2007

UCL Physics & Astronomy
Departmental Teaching Prize: Dr Raman Prinja (UCL Physics & Astronomy);
Readership in Physics: Dr Peter Barker (Heriot Watt University), with effect from 1 October 2006