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Costly child therapy linked to higher crime risk

Professor Peter Fonagy (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) has led a study demonstrating that a programme used by councils and health trusts based on multisystemic therapy to support troubled teenagers is in fact linked to a higher risk of crime. Read: Times (£)

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Investigation into Aztec epidemic

Professor Elizabeth Graham (UCL Institute of Archaeology) comments on a recent study that purports to understand the cause of an epidemic that killed up to 15 million people in 1545. Read: Independent

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Search for Alzheimer's drug flounders

Professor John Hardy (UCL Institute of Neurology) comments on prevailing ideas about the cause of Alzheimer's, and speculates about where research into treatment should focus next. Read: Times (£)

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Increased stress at work linked to higher risk of diabetes

Professor Mika Kivimaki (UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health) highlights the effect of major changes in work upon the risk of developing diabetes, saying it is 'important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight, even during turbulent periods'. Read: Reuters

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