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The microbiome

Professor Graham Rook (UCL Infection & Immunity) comments on the microbiome and its interaction with the body's immune system. Read: BBC News

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Plankton named after BBC Blue Planet series

A newly discovered species of ocean plankton, Syracosphaera azureaplaneta, has been named by UCL researchers in honour of the critically acclaimed BBC Blue Planet series and its presenter Sir David Attenborough. Read: BBC News, More: UCL News, BBC News at Six (from 22 mins 56 secs), Radio Times, BBC World Service 'BBC OS' (from 26 mins 8 secs), BBC Radio 4 'Six O'Clock News' (from 26 mins 28 secs), BBC Radio 2 'Simon Mayo Drivetime' (from 57 mins 18 secs), Independent, Mental Floss

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Gravity and planetary alignment

Professor Ian Howarth (UCL Physics & Astronomy) debunks a recent conspiracy theory, explaining that a large planet coming towards earth would throw out planetary orbits. Read: Newsweek

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