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Archaeologists find world's oldest bread

Professor Dorian Fuller and PhD candidate Lara Gonzalez Carratero (UCL Institute of Archaeology) published a new study providing the oldest evidence of bread at a site in Jordan, which reveals that people over 14,000 years ago had begun to eat food for social, cultural and potentially ideological reasons. Read: BBCMore: Evening StandardSunTelegraphDaily StarTimes (£)IndependentDaily MailCosmos MagazineYahooiNewsMetro, MSN

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200,000 British epileptics could benefit from new protein drug

Professor Dimitri Kullmann (UCL Institute of Neurology) has identified a protein in worms that significantly reduces epileptic seizures in rats. Professor Kullmann is “very optimistic” about the findings and comments on its potential availability on the NHS. Read: iNews

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What’s the point of Ofsted?

Dr Melanie Ehren (UCL Institute of Education) comments on school inspections and how high-performing jurisdictions such as Finland, do not inspect schools. Read: TES (£)

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Free schools accused of 'social selection'

A study by Professor Rebecca Allen and Dr Rob Higham (UCL Institute of Education) has found that free schools in England reproduce socio-economic inequalities through social selection. Read: TES

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Happiness linked to longer life

A five-year study by Professor Andrew Steptoe (UCL Epidemiology & Health) showed that older people were up to 35% less likely to die if they reported feeling happy, excited and content on a typical day, even if they had other problems. Read: Evening Standard, More: CNN

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Donald Trump's UK visit

As Donald Trump visits the UK, Emeritus Professor Kathleen Burk (UCL History) talks to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and explains why the President’s visit is necessary to uphold the UK-US special relationship, especially for intelligence purposes. Listen: BBC Radio4 (from 39 min)

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Toddlers losing sleep due to use of tablets

Babies and toddlers as young as six months are losing sleep as a result of using touchscreen tablets, a UCL study has found. Professor Yvonne Kelly (UCL Epidemiology & Health) explains the risks arising from adolescent lack of sleep. Read: Telegraph

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Smart home gadgets in domestic abuse warning

Smart home devices are increasingly being used in domestic abuse to control and manipulate victims. Researchers from UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy have published guidance for organisations working with those at risk. Read: BBC

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Could stem cell jab replace chemo?

Stem cells are being used to treat lung cancer in a few NHS trial following research from UCL. The research showed that when bone marrow stem cells were injected into a vein, they migrated to tumours. Read: Daily Mail

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