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Cheddar man had dark skin and blue eyes, DNA tests reveal

7 February 2018

Professor Mark Thomas (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) and Dr Yoan Diekmann (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) have analysed the DNA sequences of the first ever Brit to establish aspects of his appearance. Read: Guardian, More: Times, BBC News, Daily Mail, UCL News, Sun, Daily Mail, Independent, Mail Online, Sky News, Independent (2), Evening Standard, Sun (2), USA Today, Washington Post, Mirror, CBS News, CNN, BuzzFeed, iNews, RT, Al Jazeera, Telegraph, Time, ABC News, Spiegel Online, Denver Post, Mirror (2), BBC News (2), New York Times, New Statesman, Fortune, NY Daily News, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Chicago Tribune, Gizmodo, Times of India, National Geographic (2), The Standard, Channel 4, ITV News, New Zealand Herald, Huffington Post, AFR