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Linda Nochlin obituary

Professor Tamar Garb (UCL History of Art) writes about the life and works of Linda Nochlin, a leading feminist art historian. Read: Guardian

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Skylark: The unsung hero of British space

Professor Chris Rapley (UCL Earth Sciences) discusses his involvement in Skylark while a PhD student at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, saying 'it was more than career-forming; it was life-forming'. Read: BBC News

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Container Ships Use Super-Dirty Fuel. That Needs to Change

Dr Tristan Smith (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources) comments on the shipping industry’s reliance on high-carbon fuel, saying that companies have little reason to spend their time and money building a 'greener' cargo fleet.  Read: Wired 

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Human brain cells thrive inside the skull of a rat

Professor Roger Lemon (UCL Institute of Neurology), senior author of a recent policy paper led by the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences, says that the two US transplant studies were important and legitimate but paved the way for much more controversial territory. Read: Times (£)

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