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Reaping from the core of the earth

Dr Jonathan Craig (UCL Earth Sciences) says the Puga hot spring area has the greatest geothermal energy potential on the Indian subcontinent. Read: Financial Chronicle

Clever girls lack confidence in science and maths

Commenting on the disparity between boys and girls science test results in Pisa, Professor Michael Reiss (UCL Institute of Education) says: "This is nothing to do with genetics. The explanation must be a cultural one". Read: BBC News

Same Anger, Different Ideologies: Radical Muslim and Neo-Nazi

Amy Thornton (UCL Security & Crime Science) explains the role former extremists can play in the argument against radical temptations. Read: New York Times

Gene therapy

Professor Samuel Janes (UCL Internal Medicine) discusses a UCL trial into gene therapy and metastatic lung cancer. Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ (from 2 hours 45 mins)

Scientists create self-cleaning paint

A team of UCL led researchers, including Yao Lu, Professor Claire Carmalt and Professor Ivan Parkin (all UCL Chemistry), have developed a new paint that makes robust self-cleaning surfaces. Read: Telegraph, More: Independent, Daily Mail, Washington Post, Reuters, UCL News

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