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27 May 2013: Fuelling the dream of clean cars

“To a man, car manufacturers think hydrogen is the future for vehicles,” said Professor Stephen Bennington (UCL Physics & Astronomy). Read: Telegraph More: Vancouver Sun

26 May 2013: Ice Age Giants

Dr Matt Pope (UCL Institute of Archaeology) shows Alice Roberts stone tools used by Neanderthals and discusses their hunting strategies. Watch: BBC Two's Ice Age Giants More...

26 May 2013: How to fix the IPL

Economists, including Professor Ian Preston (UCL Economics), believe that legalizing gambling, and modifying the players' salary cap, can reform the sport today. Read: Times of India

26 May 2013: Consciousness; it's a science thing

I never expected a talk by a philosopher to be the most memorable TEDxCERN talk for me. said Professor Jon Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy). Read: Guardian More...

26 May 2013: Nice guys can come first if they master office politics

Idealists and political avoiders, who believe you should get ahead only by following the rules and working harder, tend to have lower impact, says Professor Adrian Furnham (UCL Psychology). Read: Sunday Times (£)

26 May 2013: Royal Society rolls away red carpet for royals

Professor David Colquhoun (UCL Biosciences) carried out a poll of the Royal Society’s 1,350 members about the decision to elect Prince Andrew as a royal fellow. 53% of those who responded said the election had damaged the society’s reputation and 43% said they no longer wanted to elect members of the royal family. Read: Sunday Times (£)

23 May 2013: Take the rough with the smooth

No one has come up with a better system than peer review, and its frailties can sometimes work for you as well as against you, says Professor Adrian Furnham (UCL Psychology). Read: THE More: THE (2)

23 May 2013: New opportunities for radar research

"Shock interference is just a reflection of a transmitted signal, and yes if you do it properly you can, for example, detect and track aircraft 100 kilometers away," said Professor Hugh Griffiths (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering). Listen: BBC Radio 4's Material World (from 24 mins)

23 May 2013: Wonder Stuff: Materials that benefit us

Liquid spectacles to improve your sight, biodegradable packaging to aid the environment and bioglass for the regeneration of human bone are amongst the Wonder stuff Dr Zoe Laughlin (UCL Institute of Making) will demonstrate for us. Watch: ITV's This Morning

22 May 2013: London's got chemistry (biology and physics too)

“I would argue that nowhere in the world has the mix of top universities, the NHS and an entrepreneurial community like London," says Professor Stephen Caddick (UCL Vice Provost for Enterprise). Read: Evening Standard

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