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Cameron's honours list blocked by Whitehall

Professor Meg Russell (UCL Political Science) quoted on the decision by Whitehall to block several of the nominees on David Cameron's farewell honours list due to doubts about their suitability. Read: The Times (paywall)

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Scientists demand free movement and funding

Article based on a letter from over 1600 scientists in The Times, organised by Dr Laurence Hunt (UCL Institute of Neurology) calling for the government to ensure the continued free movement of skilled researchers. Read: The Times (Article and letter behind a paywall)

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Human skin bag is the real McQueen

Dr Selina Wray (UCL Institute of Neurology) comments on an art student's plans to use Alexander McQueen's DNA to grow his skin so that it can be incorporated in a handbag. Read: The Times (Behind a paywall)

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Building the Brexit Team

Dr Nicholas Wright (UCL Poltical Science) comments on the issues behind staffing needs for the bureaucratic work required, following the decision to leave the EU. Read: The Economist

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