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'Once a cheater, always a cheater' is true

A study by Dr Neil Garrett (UCL Brain Sciences) finds that even if a cheater feels guilty about lying the first time, they are less likely to experience the same level of regret the next time around, facilitating serial cheating. Read: MailOnline

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A view from the top

Professor Sir Richard Blundell (UCL Economics), feted economist and possible future Nobel prize winner, talks Brexit, the minimum wage and why economists really do care about inequality. Read: The Independent

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New clue into the mysterious origin of metal

Professor Thilo Rehren (UCL Institute of Archaeology) co-authored a study which found that traces of copper at what was thought to be the birthplace of metal, was burnt accidentally and not in an attempt to make metal. Read: Yahoo News

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Competitive gender quotas

Visiting Professor Paul Omerod (UCL Economics) writes about gender quotas and how they have been proven to drive out mediocracy of male politicians. Read: City AM

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Oysters thrive with traditional fishing

PhD student Stephen Long (UCL Geography) is lead author of a new study which finds that the “inherent inefficiency” of methods used to harvest oysters is the crucial feature in preventing overfishing. Read: The Times (£)

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Why are doctors and patients still at war over M.E.?

Professor Jonathan Edwards (UCL Medicine) comments on a large trial conducted into the treatment of chronic fatigue condition myalgic encephalomyelitis, saying it 'failed to provide reliable evidence for useful, sustained benefit' from the recommended treatment. Read: Mail Online

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What does it take to be picked by Nasa for Mars?

Professor Kevin Fong (UCL Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy) reveals what Nasa and the European Space Agency look for in selecting astronauts. Fong will co-present the show, Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes? on BBC Two on August 20 at 9pm. Read: The Times (£)

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Women on ageism in tech

Dr Sue Black (UCL Computer Science) is featured in piece on female tech leaders, in which she shares her views on working in the industry. Read: Guardian

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