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How we plan to land on Mars in 2021

Professor Andrew Coates (UCL Space & Climate Physics) writes about the challenges of landing on Mars, and how his team is working with colleagues at the European Space Agency to learn from past missions to land a rover successfully on Mars in 2021. Read: The Conversation

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Machines are learning to find concealed weapons in X-ray scans

Dr Lewis Griffin (UCL Computer Science) and Thomas Rogers (UCL Security & Crime Science) comment on their work developing artificial intelligence software that uses machine learning techniques to scan x-ray images and detect anomalies, which they are testing with scans of shipping containers. Read: The Economist

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Havana could avoid traffic and pollution plaguing middle-income cities

Dr Adriana Ortegón-Sánchez (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) and Dr Emily Morris (UCL Institute of the Americas) write about how Havana's low rates of car ownership present an opportunity for the city to develop into a more liveable city if politicians promote other forms of transportation in the post-Castro era, drawing on research by Professor Peter Jones (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering). Read: The Conversation

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The Brexit Brokers

Dr Uta Staiger and Dr Nicholas Wright (UCL European Institute) write about key figures who will be negotiating Brexit on the EU's behalf. Read: Prospect Magazine

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