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Holocaust education: Misconceptions and myths

Drawing on research by the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education, Dr Alice Pettigrew (UCL Institute of Education) highlights some key concerns about young people’s perceptions of the Holocaust and considers the implications for teachers. Read: Sec Ed

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Professor Rachel Bowlby (UCL English Language & Literature) joins a discussion on consumerism: a history of our modern, material world and the endless quest for more 'things'. Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘Thinking Allowed’

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Middle-aged people are unhappiest and most anxious in Britain

Professor Andrew Steptoe (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) said: “If as we suspect happiness is beneficial for health, it follows that people who are less happy may not survive to such an old age. The oldest age categories will therefore include a greater proportion of happier people”. Read: Independent

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The studio without walls

Professor Christopher Pinney (UCL Anthropology) reflects on mobile serendipity, Photoshop, and the brides and grooms who look too good in their wedding photos. Read: Mint

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