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A team including Dhiren Kataria and Professor Lucie Green (both UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory) are building small sensors to investigate the thermosphere as part of the QB50 project and they explain how scientists cope with the challenge of building their gadgets smaller and lighter. Listen: BBC World Service ‘Science in Action’ (from 16 mins 3 secs)

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Apple scammers have their heads in the iCloud

Commenting on an iCloud phishing scam, Dr Steven Murdoch (UCL Computer Science) says the most likely source of the information was a retailer or another internet site that has been hacked into and had its database stolen. Read: Guardian

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Cambridge college to fund disadvantaged students' living costs

Commenting on plans for a Cambridge college to fund term-time living costs of undergraduates from poorer families, Dr Gill Wyness (UCL Institute of Education) says that students would welcome the funding but warns that a move towards support coming from universities rather than the government was a “worrying prospect”. Read: THE (£)

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IB and BTEC ‘overvalued’ in Ucas tariff

Professor Francis Green (UCL Institute of Education) says the new tariff due to be introduced by UCAS is “disappointing”, arguing that schools and universities needed good information to make admissions decisions and advise students on their options. Read: THE (£)

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