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Neuroscientists ask for open review on the Human Brain Project

Researchers have requested an open review of the European Commission-funded initiative to simulate the human brain as they believe the money could be better spent on smaller grants for creative neuroscience research rather than one large computer simulation, says Professor Peter Latham (UCL Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit). Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ (from 50 mins)

Capitalism doesn't mean more inequality

Thomas Piketty's popular theory that capitalism's current incarnation is leading to more inequality dsoesn't stack up, argues Professor Paul Ormerod (UCL Centre for Decision Making Uncertainty). Read: City AM

Same genes 'drive maths and reading ability'

Research led by Dr Oliver Davis (UCL Genetics) finds that around half of the genes that influence a child's aptitude for reading also play a role in how easily they learn maths, suggesting that hundreds of subtle DNA changes in genes combine to help shape a child's performance in both. Read: Guardian, More: BBC NewsTelegraphTimes (£), TES, UCL News

GP prescriptions to tackle loneliness in elderly

Dr Helen Chatterjee (UCL Museums & Collections) comments on 'social prescribing' and its positive effects on health. Watch: BBC News

Cycling does not cause infertility, British scientists find

Health myths which suggest cycling can lead to infertility and erectile dysfunction have been debunked in new research led by Dr Mark Hamer (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health). Read: Daily Telegraph

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