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Security services aim to mend relationship with academics

Commenting on a newly launched research hub for security, Professor Angela Sasse (UCL Computer Science) said: “The call suggests to me that the security services have realised that this kind of working doesn’t help to build a coherent knowledge base”. Read: Research Fortnight (£)

Out of the loop: why lay views of science are heard but not obeyed

Melanie Smallman (UCL Science & Technology Studies) says: “Public dialogue has become an integral part of the policymaking process, but those in power still pay more heed to the technocrats”. Read: Research Fortnight (£)

Kew Gardens unveils science strategy

Commenting on the future of Kew Gardens Professor Georgina Mace (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) says: “More cuts could mean it simply cannot function as an international plant centre with the reputation it has at the moment”. Read: BBC News, Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘The World Tonight’ (from 43 mins 19 secs)

Britain's brightest leaving in brain drain

A study led by John Jerrim (UCL Institute of Education) has found that one in ten of Britain’s best workers have been lured from the UK in a brain drain and been replaced by low skilled migrants. Read: Telegraph, More: Times (£), Daily Mail

Elements: Chromium

Professor Andrea Sella (UCL Chemistry) explains how chromium links motorbikes with the leather jackets and flick-knives of the archetypal biker gang. Listen: BBC World Service ‘Elemental Business’ (from 1 minute 45 secs)

E-cigarettes save lives

Cannabis in the UK

Building on the boundaries

Stealing your thunder

Sex redefined

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