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19 March 2013: Middle universities will be squeezed hard

The UK's changing demographic, as well as fees, has contributed to the decline in student numbers. But it still creates trouble for middling universities, says Professor Jonathan Wolff (UCL Philosophy). Read: Guardian

19 March 2013: Taking Medicine to Extreme Heights

UCL’s Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme Environment (CASE) Medicine are leading Xtreme Everest 2, a team of scientists and volunteers who will trek to Mount Everest Base Camp to study how our bodies respond to low levels of oxygen. Read: UCL News More: Metro North London Today

18 March 2013: Scientist’s bid to build cradle of life

Nick Lane (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) is building a replica of a deep sea vent. “We hope to show that the conditions in these vents, and in our reactor, could actually drive the origin of life,” he says. Read: Sunday Times (£)

18 March 2013: Teen dream school opens at 10am

UCL Academy has become the first school in Britain to introduce 10am starts as research shows teenage pupils perform better after a lie-in. “Youngsters are turning up alert and ready to learn and are focused and engaged in lessons," said head teacher Geraldine Davies. Read: Sunday Times (£) Listen: BBC Radio 4's Today (from 2 hours, 28 mins) More: Daily Mail Evening Standard UCL News Irish Independent New Scientist

15 March 2013: French revolution: why is an all-female race for mayor so unusual?

Professor Philippe Marlière (UCL French) says that the core difference in an all-women race is that there will be no temptation from male commentators to ask: is the female candidate fit for the job? Read: Guardian

14 March 2013: Have they found the Higgs boson at last?

"We have to keep working at it, but on the face of it this means the Standard Model is a much more powerful theory than many physicists suspected," said Professor Jon Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy). Read: Express More: STV

14 March 2013: A star is born in the Atacama as first pictures from the ALMA observatory are unveiled

"Little more than one billion years after the Big Bang, extreme starburst galaxies in the Universe, forming stars at a rate of more than a thousand per year, were a much more commonplace occurrence than previously thought," said Dr Thomas Greve (UCL Physics & Astronomy). Read: Daily Mail More: Times (£) Scientific American

14 March 2013: This pandering to religion can only harm us

Gender segregation at an iERA event held at UCL tells a larger story. Read: Times (£) UCL Statement More: The Australian

13 March 2013: People with controlled HIV don't have higher death risk, study finds

"It is likely that much of the excess mortality associated with HIV would be preventable with timely diagnosis of HIV and initiation of antiretroviral(s)," says Dr Alison Rodger (UCL Infection & Population Health). Read: Huffington Post

12 March 2013: How your hearing aid could stop you getting dementia

People losing their hearing may start to withdraw from many of the activities they used to enjoy, because certain scenarios might be embarrassing or difficult, writes Professor David McAlpine (UCL Ear Institute). Read: Daily Mail More...

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