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14 February 2013: The computer that never crashes

Dr Peter Bentley and Christos Sakellariou (UCL Computer Science) have developed a revolutionary new “systemic” computer in which data is married up with instructions on what to do with it. Read: New Scientist More: The Week Wall Street Journal MSN

13 February 2013: CryoSat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn

The dramatic recent decline in Arctic sea-ice cover is illustrated by new data from Europe's UCL-led CryoSat-2 mission. Read: BBC News More: Planet Earth UCL News NBC More...

12 February 2013: You can have too much precision

Whether mapping genomes or climates, scientists aim for accuracy and precision. But maybe the important thing is how useful our maps are, says Jack Stilgoe (UCL Science & Technology Studies). Read: Guardian

11 February 2013: Wait, the Pope can resign?

Professor David d’Avray (UCL History) comments on previous papal resignations. Read: FT Blogs (free, registration required) More: Bloomberg National Post Japan Times

11 February 2013: Doctors 'miss' underweight children, UCL study suggests

A UCL study led by Dr Lee Hudson (UCL Institute of Child Health) suggests doctors have poor knowledge about how to identify underweight children and serious complications. Read: BBC News More...

11 February 2013: Scientists and their emotions: the highs ... and the lows

Professor Andrea Sella (UCL Chemistry) and Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) discuss how their work plays on their emotions. Read: Observer More...

8 February 2013: Pseudoscience and stereotyping won't solve gender inequality in science

“Generalisations based on gender are unhelpful," says Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience). Read: Guardian More...

8 February 2013: Stress at work unlikely to trigger common cancers, say researchers

Stress at work is unlikely to be a cause of the four most common types of cancer, according to an international review led by Professor Mika Kivimaki (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health). Read: Guardian More: Fox News Pakistan Observer UCL News Times of India

7 February 2013: London’s new ‘Micrarium’ showcases the tiniest members of the animal kingdom

“You go to any natural history museum and it’s normally full of big animals, but actually the majority of life on Earth is absolutely tiny,” says Jack Ashby (UCL Grant Museum of Zoology). Read: Washington Post Watch: UCL News More: Yahoo News Daily Mail Gizmodo Londonist New Scientist Scientific American Culture 24 Times

7 February 2013: 'Postgraduate premium' fuels vicious cycle of social inequality

"Access to postgraduate education is becoming increasingly stratified by family income, and (recent postgraduates) are being paid more, so it's a source of rising inequality,” says Professor Stephen Machin (UCL Economics). Read: THE More...

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