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30 June 2011: Hackers 'should fight cyber spies'

Britain faces losing its position at the leading edge of technology unless news ideas are developed to fight cyber attacks, according to the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies based at UCL. Read: Telegraph, More coverage: Sunday Express, Scotsman, More...

29 June 2011: European Court bars deportation of two Somalis from Britain

Professor Richard Bellamy (Director of UCL's European Institute) comments on a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights which orders Britain not to deport two Somalis convicted of serious crimes. Read and Listen: Voice of America

29 June 2011: Finding truth and beauty in data

Dr Martin Austwick (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) discusses data visualisation - turning numbers into graphs, diagrams and animations - and its applications. Read and watch: BBC News Online

28 June 2011: X Factor-style search for 10 academics from generation think

Lucy Powell (UCL English Language & Literature) is one of ten winners of a competition run by BBC Radio 3 to find a new generation of thinkers and communicators. Read: The Guardian, Read: BBC Online, Listen: BBC Radio 3's Nightwaves (from 38mins 37s)

28 June 2011: War crimes court issues Gaddafi arrest warrant

Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) asks whether the arrest warrant for Gaddafi from the International Criminal Court speeds resolution of the conflict in Libya. Read: The Guardian, More: The Times

23 June 2011: 'Two tribes' to the wall? Elite set may adopt GPA

UCL is one of a group of universities looking to reform the current degree classification system by introducing a marking system that better reflects student achievement, explains Vice Provost Professor Michael Worton. Read: Times Higher Education, More coverage: FT (£) Sunday Times (£)

21 June 2011: Eurozone in crisis

Professor Costas Meghir (UCL Economics) comments on the economic crisis currently gripping Greece. Watch: BBC 2's Daily Politics Show (from 9m 42s)Watch: BBC News' World Business Report (from 2m 24s), More coverage: BBC News' Business Today, BBC Radio Wales

21 June 2011: Cryosat mission delivers first sea-ice map

Prof. Duncan Wingham's team (UCL Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling) has used data from Europe's Cryosat spacecraft to produce the first map showing the thickness of sea-ice across the Arctic Ocean. Read: BBC Online

21 June 2011: Digging in to the Ice Age

Jersey's Ice Age past is about to come under scrutiny from a team of archaeologists led by Dr Matt Pope (UCL Institute of Archaeology). Read: UCL News, Watch: Jersey News, More coverage: BBC Online, Times Higher Education

20 June 2011: Voicebox transplant trials in UK get go-ahead

Professor Martin Birchall (UCL Ear Institute) has two British patients lined up after being given the green light by the Royal College of Surgeons to begin trials leading to the UK's first voicebox transplant. Read: Guardian,  More coverage: Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Scotsman

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