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30 March 2011: Blood monitor 'could save £400m'

Professors Monty Mythen (UCL Institute of Child Health) and Mervyn Singer (UCL Clinical Physiology) on blood monitor that saves money and improves outcomes for surgery patients. Read: BBC News Online.

29 March 2011: Would Einstein get funded today?

Professor John Martin (UCL Medicine) and Professor Don Braben (UCL Earth Sciences) are quoted in a piece about The Royal Society's Knowledge, Networks and Nations report. Read: Daily Telegraph.

29 March 2011: Death rates 'higher' among young adults than children

Dr Russell Viner (UCL Institute of Child Health) leads new research published in The Lancet about mortality rates for children and young people. Read: BBC News Online. Additional coverage: Los Angeles Times, Times of India, Fox News.

28 March 2011: Happiness peaks in our eighties

Professor Lewis Wolpert (UCL Division of Biosciences) publishes a new book describing the age our happiness levels peak. Read: Daily Telegraph. Additional coverage: Daily Mail, The Sunday Times More...

23 March 2011: Universities back May’s rethink on visas

Professor Malcolm Grant (UCL President and Provost) says universities will be watching the impact of visa changes closely. Read at The Financial Times. More...

22 March 2011: 'Stay on tamoxifen' women told

Professor Allan Hackshaw (UCL-CRUK Cancer Trials Centre) leads new research about breast cancer drug tamoxifen. Read at BBC News Online.

22 March 2011: Is dirt really such a Bad Thing?

Professor Steve Jones (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) on the positive impact of bacteria. Read at The Daily Telegraph.

22 March 2011: Keen volunteer is voted top foreign student

UCL student James Xi Xu has been voted International Student of the Year. Read at The Evening Standard. More...

21 March 2011: Moving the Grant Museum

How does a museum move 68,000 specimens into a new venue? Read and Watch at The Guardian. (Also: UCLTV)

21 March 2011: UCL-led EPSRC centre for macromolecular medicines

Eight new EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing will include one at UCL. Read at The Engineer.   More...

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