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Seven questions with Johannes Coomansingh

This week, meet Johannes Coomansingh, a Trinidadian-Canadian from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Johannes has just taken part in the 2017 UCL Summer School, which gives students from universities around the world the chance to study at UCL for three or six weeks and transfer credit back to their home institution. This summer, almost 400 students from 200 universities enrolled on modules with over 40 nationalities represented. We caught up with Johannes to find out about his experience.

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Degree problems: what to do if you don’t progress to your next year

Sometimes the most important things are the most difficult to read, and so it is with this article. The period after you discover you haven't progressed to your next year in your course is understandably a really difficult one, and takes time to adjust to, not least if you don't know what steps to take next.

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Participants needed for UCL Primary Care and Population Health research project: win a £50 voucher

Are you aged 16 to 24-years-old and interested in contributing towards how STI testing is understood in the UK? If the answer is yes, UCL researchers need your help. Researchers from UCL Primary Care and Population Health are looking at reasons why young people get tested for sexually transmitted infections and they want to hear from as many people as possible.

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Four ways to live a happier life: lessons from computational neuroscience

If you’ve ever searched your local WHSmith for a comprehensive guide on how to be a happy bunny, then you’ve just clicked on the right article. In 2014, Dr Robb Rutledge, a cognitive and computational neuroscientist based at the Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research (*and breathe*), published a Happiness Equation. Yes, really. (You can read about it here for free).

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Ramsay Ball 2017: a social highlight for first year students

Having to overcome unexpected challenges from the beginning of the year, which were beyond our control, meant that hope for a third successive ball at Café de Paris for first year students, looked unpromising. However, this did not deter a core group of individuals in Ramsay Hall who were determined to see that their first year ended with a great night.

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7 questions with Théophile Brochant de Villiers

This week, meet Théophile Brochant de Villiers, a technician in the Department of Space & Climate Physics at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, located in the Surrey hills. He is also a UCL alumnus who has an MSci in Theoretical Physics and followed it up with an MSc in Space Science and Engineering. Theo has been working on UCL's first satellite 'UCLSat', focusing on cubesats - nanosatellites that are no bigger than a shoebox - which are great for doing in-situ measurements in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Student Quality Reviewers wanted: receive £150 stipend

Student Quality Reviewers work with UCL to take an in-depth look at different areas of academic practice, and help to improve them by providing detailed feedback and analysis from a student perspective. Applications for this role are open until July 3.

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Male participants wanted for sleep and memory research study: chance to win up to £140

A Master’s student from UCL Psychology and Language Sciences is recruiting male participants as part of his research project investigating the effect of sleep on memory processes. Specifically, the research project will examine how sleep will interact with rewards and information structure to influence memory performance.

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