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UCL Graduations 2024: Platform Party registration is now open!

21 February 2024

We are excited to share our confirmed dates for UCL’s 2024 Graduation Ceremonies with you. Please ensure they are in your diaries and sign up on the Portal so you can join the celebrations!

Onstage at a graduation ceremony. A PhD graduate in a grey gown and hood is shaking hands with the Presiding Officer in front of a group of staff in academic dress who are smiling and applauding.

There are 3 sets of Graduation Ceremonies this year, from 20 –24 May and 8 July 2024 (predominately for Postgraduates), and from 2–6 September 2024 (predominantly for Undergraduates). You can find out the confirmed dates for your Faculty’s ceremonies on the 2024 Graduation Schedule.  

These ceremonies are incredibly meaningful to our students and a key part of this is the support of their academic and professional services staff. If you haven’t been able to join the graduations previously, these are really spectacular events and a wonderful day to be a part of.  

Joining the Platform Party means you will sit on the stage in academic dress during the ceremony and provide students with your visible support, encouragement and congratulations when they cross the stage. Those on the platform party have a dedicated space before their ceremony, where catering and refreshments are provided.  

Where will the ceremonies take place?

All 2024 ceremonies will take place at the Royal Festival Hall. We are excited to be back at this venue and will be holding our ceremonies there for the foreseeable future. 

2024 Platform Party registration is now open!

If you would like to be a part of the Platform Party and sit on the stage at 2024 Graduation, you will need to enter your details into our exciting new Portal. The process for registration is very quick: on the first page you can confirm whether you will require academic dress, and which academic dress you need. On the second page you can choose the ceremonies you would like to attend and provide us with any dietary or accessibility requirements. You are able to select ceremonies for the whole of 2024, so please do sign up for all of your relevant ceremonies by the deadlines provided below. Once you have completed these details you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your registration. 

Sign up to take part in Platform Parties now

What happens next? 

By 26 February, all eligible students due to graduate this year will be given the date periods of their ceremony and invited to finalise their registration with us. We will circulate attendee lists via your Faculty comms team, so you’ll be able to see which of your students are coming. 

Once you have registered to attend a ceremony you will receive an initial confirmation and, closer to the time, more detailed joining instructions.  

The deadlines for registration for each Graduation period are listed below: 

  • May 2024 – Monday 29 April
  • July 2024 – Monday 17 June 
  • September 2024 – Monday 12 August 

For staff, you can register for your ceremony’s Platform Party from now following the link above.  

Can I volunteer at the Graduation Ceremonies instead or as well as being on the Platform Party?

Absolutely! Volunteering at Graduations is a rewarding and unforgettable experience, and staff are a vital part of our brilliant team of Graduation ceremony volunteers. As a member of staff – whether academic or professional services – you can make a huge difference to Graduations by signing up via this form for volunteering shifts. Jobs on the day will mainly involve being on the Registrations Desk and generally helping to make sure that the ceremonies run smoothly so our graduates and their guests have a great experience.  

You can be in the Platform Party for your Faculty and volunteer if you wish. 

Graduations are a chance to support your students at a special moment as they look back on their time at UCL and look forward to joining our global Alumni community. We can’t wait to see you all there.  

If you have any questions regarding your ceremony or about graduations in general, please check the Staff FAQ’s or email ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk.