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How can we disagree well at UCL? Join our launch event on 28 June

31 May 2023

The first event in our series looking at the art of disagreeing well will take place on 28 June – sign up to attend in person or watch the live stream.

Students sitting on the steps on the UCL quad building on a sunny day

In this time of increasingly polarised debate, it has never been more important for us to be able to Disagree Well. 
The ability to discuss and debate with people who hold very different views is not without its challenges, but having the tools, techniques and platforms to do so is a vital part of how communities can co-exist together. 
How do we collectively approach the fact that being a diverse community means being a place where a wide variety of conflicting opinions and ideas exist and are expressed? 
This interactive panel is the first in a major new series of events and other activity that will bring the art of disagreeing well to life here at UCL, and beyond. 
Join Provost & President Michael Spence, international mediator Mia Forbes Pirie, and a panel of other speakers to hear how they navigate disagreement, what this looks like in a university setting, and have your say on how we disagree well at UCL. 

The event will take place on Wednesday 28 June 2023, at 10–11:30 am. You can sign up to attend in person at the Bloomsbury Theatre, or register to watch the live stream of the event