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No stress, no mess – it’s easy to get involved in Veganuary at UCL

9 January 2023

From growing veg to lunch on campus, there are many ways to get the most out of Veganuary at UCL. Whether you’re powered by plants or just curious, there’s plenty of things to do, eat, and drink. Including a free coffee on us, and discounted meals for regular eaters.

Plants at Wilkins Terrace

The weather may be changing seasons four times a week, but Veganuary at UCL is growing with more ways to take part than ever before. We’re offering a free coffee and a discount on vegan lunches to everyone this month through the Food at UCL app. Whether you’re looking for other students who’ve pledged to live life on the veg for a month, or you’re ready to make a meal from field to plate, there’s a student society ready to welcome you. 

Something (free) for everyone

At all our UCL food outlets half of all our meals are vegetarian or vegan, all year round. We’re boosting this and making your 6th main meal free from all of our cafes and refectories in January. Simply download the ‘Food at UCL’ app, and scan this when you get a dish. You get a voucher for a free coffee on us, when you download the app.

Download Food at UCL (Android & Google)

Download Food at UCL (iPhone & Apple)

Ditch disposables, save money

We’re trialling Club Zero at our outlets, including the IOE from this month. Rent a free reusable cup for the day, and save 25p on your drinks. 

Buddy Up for Veganuary at UCL – Grow, Cook, Vote

One of the best ways to get the most out of a new way of eating, or fulfil a pledge is to team up with someone who’s already done it or is doing a similar challenge while you are. There are plenty of vegan-aligned societies at UCL that are growing and eating plants, and taking action for the wellbeing of people, animals, and our planet. Here are a quick three to get you started: 

Animal Rights Society – buddy up, or get your dish rated

The Animal Rights Society are running a ‘Veganuary Buddy Scheme’ open to everyone at UCL, as well as a vegan cooking competition for their members.

Check out the UCL Animal Rights Society

Bentham Farm 

In Camden the UCL Urban Farmers Society’s Bentham Farm is open every Saturday, growing food, composting, and growing a small oasis for people and small creatures in the heart of London. These farmers are proudly non-professional and welcome anyone interested in helping and open to learning.

Scope out UCL Urban Farmer's Society

UCL VegSoc – Friends all year round

UCL Vegetarian and Vegan Society ‘VegSoc’ is a great space for you to swap recipes, meet like-minded people, and get more out of your time at UCL. This society regularly collaborates with like-minded societies across UCL.

Look Up VegSoc@UCL 

Sustainable Food Makes a Sustainable University

We’re entering our second year of offering at least 50% ‘veggie-vegan’ at UCL outlets, and vegetarian catering as default. Research shows that positive food choices are essential to a positive impact on our climate. This is part of our bigger sustainability strategy ‘Change Possible’. Making so much change for the better, it’s no surprise UCL joined the top 10 UK Universities in the Green League.