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UCL’s Connect to Protect service will close at 4pm on Friday 13 May 2022

11 May 2022

In line with Government guidance in England we are no longer required to report COVID cases to the local authority.

Academic Integrity course

UCL’s Connect to Protect service will be closing down at 4pm this Friday, 13 May 2022, and reporting of case numbers on the UCL website will also end.  

Students should continue to report COVID-related absences as they would any other illness to their personal tutor and/or department. Students can self-certify for Extenuating Circumstances for a limited number of occasions – for more details see the self-certification policy for 2021/22

The Connect to Protect app, developed by UCL’s Digital team and launched in September 2020, has been an instrumental part of our response to the pandemic. A dedicated team has been working since the app’s launch to monitor and report on numbers, track and respond to outbreaks, support with testing and vaccinations, and offer support to those with symptoms, self-isolating students and staff and students arriving from overseas needing to quarantine. 

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