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The Age Appropriate Design Code ("Children's Code") is now in force

9 September 2021

On 2 September 2021, the Information Commissioner’s Age Appropriate Design code (also known as the Children’s code), came into force. The code outlines 15 standards organisations must follow when designing information society services (ISS) that may be accessed by children.

Children in classroom

In the summer, workshops were held to find out how the Children’s code would affect UCL. Following those workshops, guidance on the data protection website has been updated and Data Protection Impact Assessments will be required when processing the data of under 18s. This approach will ensure that UCL is always considering the best interests of the child when processing their personal data.

Further information on the Children’s code and the ICO’s definition of an ISS can be found on their website. The ICO have also produced a flowchart to help you determine if your service could be considered an ISS. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Data Protection Office: data-protection[at]ucl.ac.uk.