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7 October 2021

The Organisational Development team are hosting a series of change management focused workshops for managers, providing tools and techniques to support teams through the transition to new ways of working as more of us return to campus.


The workshops will be hosted on Zoom by Then Somehow, in association with Lead at UCL. Topics that will be covered include understanding our experiences and needs, negotiating how we can implement the change and reviewing how it is going.

The training will consist of three workshops:

Part 1:

  • Tuesday 19 October, 10am–12pm, or
  • Tuesday 19 October, 1pm–3pm

Part 2:

  • Tuesday 16 November, 10am–12pm, or
  • Tuesday 16 November, 1pm–3pm

Part 3:

  • Tuesday 14 December, 10am–12pm, or
  • Tuesday 14 December, 1pm–3pm

Please ensure you can attend one of each workshop from Parts 1, 2 and 3 before signing up. 

If you have any queries, please email leadatuclsupport@live.ucl.ac.uk

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