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Join Generation One and take action on the Climate Emergency

21 October 2021

As Generation One we are tackling the big climate questions of today and tomorrow. Pledge your action and help us spread the word as we light the portico green.

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Representatives from across the globe, including a team of our own experts, are meeting this November at COP26 in Glasgow to decide how to take action on the climate emergency. The actions the representatives take on global heating, protecting habitats and creating a fairer society will shape our future. However, all of our actions count!

This week, we launched the second phase of UCLs new climate campaign – Generation One – which aims to build a movement of people committed to a new era of positive climate action. By turning science and ideas into climate action we are working towards a positive, fair and progressive future. As part of the campaign we are:

UCL portico lit up with green light at night time

Pledge your action

In the lead up to COP26 and beyond we are tackling 26 of the big climate questions of today and tomorrow – Questions like: Must cutting CO2 cost more for those with less? How far can we go with electric batteries? Does the earth have to be a fashion victim? Just how much do trees matter?

For each of these questions, we're suggesting an action that we, our communities, and our governments can take for a positive future and providing the science behind these actions.

Whether it's supporting a bank that is investing in renewable energy by switching your account, or weighing your local tree with your smart phone to help find out how much carbon the world's trees store, we’re asking you to pledge your climate action.

Join Generation One and pledge your action

Help inspire action on the Climate Emergency

Now more than ever, the world looks to powerful research communities like UCL to lead the push for change, mobilising large, diverse groups of committed people, backed by excellent scholarship, to effect concrete impact in the world. 

And we need your help to spread the word. We’ve built a toolkit of resources and guidance for staff to use across your UCL social media channels and websites to share the incredible work that is being done across UCL to combat the climate crisis.   

If you have any questions about the campaign or resources in the toolkit, or want to know more about how to get involved, chat with us on Teams.

Visit the Generation One Toolkit

Follow our Experts at COP26

Follow our new #COP26 Twitter list to see what UCL’s climate experts are saying as they attend the international climate conference starting 31 October.