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Age appropriate design code – find out more

13 May 2021

The Infomation Commissioner has published a code of practice for online services that are likely to be accessed by children. Colleagues are invited to attend a workshop to find out more.


The GDPR team are hosting workshops on the age appropriate design code, how this may affect UCL and how to implement compliance within the wider UCL community.

Background Information

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, the Information Commissioner was required to issue a code of practice for age-appropriate design for ‘information society services that are likely to be accessed by children. The definition used for ‘information Society Services’ is “any service normally provided for remuneration, at a distance, by electronic means and at the individual request of a recipient of services.” This covers a range of services, such as apps, programs, connected toys and devices, search engines, social media platforms, streaming services, online games, news or educational websites, and websites offering other goods or services to users over the internet.

Who should attend

This is an open invitation to colleagues who are involved in any activities that would fall under the definition of ‘information Society Services’ that are aimed at, or likely to be accessed by, children under the age of 18. This may be of particular interest to colleagues in GOS ICH, IOE, PALS and Engineering, as well as SRS and CAM Recruitment.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide information about the code and discuss its potential impact on your faculty or department. The workshops will take place on 2 and 3 June. Please register via this link. Further information can be found by emailing a member of the GDPR Team.