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Pensions explained – catch up if you missed our last two events

6 July 2021

If you missed our last two “Pensions Explained” events, the recordings are now available to view.

Selection of UK Stirling coins and notes

Everything you need to know about pensions – 14 May 2021

In this session the independent Money and Pensions Service help demystify the jargon and provide their impartial advice on everything to do with pensions. You can view a recording of the event on MediaCentral (please note you’ll need to log in to do this).


If you’re seeking independent financial or tax advice, UCL has arrangements with four companies who been assessed by the London Pension Consortium and have a sound knowledge of the schemes offered at UCL. You can find out more about their advice and services on the HR website.

USS Pensions Explained – 22 June 2021

In this session, Rebecca Dodd, Universities Pensions Specialist from Mercer, explains the USS pension scheme and answers general questions relating to the scheme. You can view a recording of the event on MediaCentral (please note you will need to log in to view this).


Further information

For more information on the USS Pension Scheme, please visit the UCL USS Pensions Hub.