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Get paid to participate in online research experiments

11 January 2021

Open to all UCL students, from any discipline, The Experimental Laboratory for Finance and Economics (ELFE) in the Department of Economics at UCL is looking for students to participate in experiments.

Students at the Experimental Laboratory for Finance and Economics (ELFE)

At the moment, we are asking interested students to register via our websiteRegistration only takes 5 minutes and, once registered, you will receive invitation emails with information about dates and times of upcoming experiments. After you receive an invitation email, you can decide whether or not you would like to sign up for that particular experiment.

Here are some things to know about all our experiments:

  • You will never be deceived, lied to, or tricked.
  • There no “right” or “wrong” answers, we are just interested in studying your choices. We do not assume any prior knowledge or specific skills from the participants.
  • You will be paid in cash for participating. You are guaranteed to earn at least £5 for registering and completing the experiment. You will have the opportunity to earn much more money during the experiment. The extra amount you earn in the experiment depends on your choices, the choices of the other participants, and on chance. Since we have many different experiments, the amount you earn will also depend on the experiment being conducted that day.

We are currently running experiments online. However, we also plan to run experiments in our lab at UCL’s Drayton House if possible.

Here are some things to know about our online experiments:

  • For each experiment you sign up for, you will be emailed a link which will take you to the experiment website. The website will contain instructions and ask you to make choices as part of the experiment.
  • You will be paid via money transfer (paypal, transferwise, or direct UK bank transfer) within 24 hours of completing the experiment.

Here are some things to know about our experiments in the lab:

  • Experiments typically involve sitting at a desk while making choices in our lab (UCL, Department of Economics, Drayton House, Room 128). If required, social distancing will be respected.
  • You will be paid in cash on the day you participate in the experiment.

This is a great opportunity to help our research projects and to earn some money. To get more information or to register for invitation emails, please visit our website at http://www.centreforfinance.org/orsee/public.

You must be a student either at UCL or at another university in order to participate in our experiments.

If you have any questionsplease email us at elfe.experiments@ucl.ac.uk. 

All the best,

The ELFE team:
Professor Antonio Guarino
Professor Steffen Huck

Professor Philippe Jehiel
Dr Ryan Kendall
Dr Terri Kneeland