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UCL academics recognised in annual global list of influential researchers

20 November 2020

49 UCL academics are included in the ‘Highly Cited Researchers 2020’ list from Clarivate, which recognises authors of the most influential research papers around the world.

Image: Web of Science Highly Cited Researchers

With 39 primary and 10 secondary affiliations, UCL has the 3rd most in the UK behind the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and ranks 5th in Europe and 22nd in the world overall.

UCL researchers were present in nine of the 17 academic fields listed, namely: Neuroscience & Behaviour; Environment & Ecology; Space Science; Molecular Biology & Genetics; Social Sciences; Psychiatry & Psychology; Pharmacology & Toxicology; Clinical Medicine and Cross-Field.

24 researchers are recognised in the ‘Cross-Field’ category, up two from 2019, reflecting UCL’s increasing engagement with cross-disciplinary activity.

Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research), said: “It is a significant achievement to be included in this list, which highlights the truly global influence of those researchers, as well as the dedication of professional staff across UCL who have played a role in the success of these researchers. I am delighted to also see a large and growing number of ‘cross-field’ researchers included, highlighting the university’s commitment to and excellence in cross-disciplinary research”.  

The 'Highly Cited Researcher' list from Clarivate Web of Science honours the world's most influential researchers, those who produce multiple papers in the top 1% of papers when ranked by citations.

David Pendlebury, Senior Citation Analyst at the Institute for Scientific Information, said: “In the race for knowledge, it is human capital that is fundamental and this list identifies and celebrates exceptional individual researchers at UCL who are having a great impact on the research community as measured by the rate at which their work is being cited by others.” 

One of the researchers on the list, Professor Dame Georgina Mace, sadly passed away in September 2020. Her research and achievements are recognised here.

Listed UCL researchers

Clinical Medicine: Professor James Moon

Cross-Field: Professor Tim Blackburn, Professor Eric Brunner, Dr Javier Herrero, Professor David Jones, Professor Diana Kuh, Professor Andrew LeesProfessor Glyn Lewis, Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Dr Zhifu Mi, Professor Angelos Michaelidis, Dr Dimitri Mikhailidis, Professor Dame Linda Partridge, Professor Karl Peggs, Professor Sergio QuezadaProfessor Patrick Royston, Mr Martin Shipley, Professor Andrew Steptoe, Professor Robert West, Derek Yellon, Professor Matthew Botvinick, Dr Jane Ferrie, Professor Derek Hausenloy, Professor Hugh Perry, Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, Professor Bart De Strooper

Environment & Ecology: Professor Dame Georgina Mace, Dabo Guan

Immunology: Professor Sir Alimuddin Zumla 

Molecular Biology & Genetics: Dr Nicholas McGranahan

Neuroscience & Behaviour: Professor David Attwell, Professor Timothy Behrens, Professor Nick FoxProfessor Karl FristonProfessor John Hardy, Professor Kenneth HarrisProfessor Martin Rossor, Professor Frederik Barkhof, Professor Angela Vincent, Professor Henrik Zetterberg

Pharmacology & Toxicology: Professor Abdul BasitProfessor Simon Gaisford, Dr Alvaro GoyanesProfessor Geoff Burnstock

Psychiatry & Psychology: Professor Chris Brewin

Psychiatry & Psychology and Social Sciences: Professor Susan Michie

Social Sciences: Professor David BattyProfessor Mark Hamer, Professor Mika KivimakiProfessor an R White

Space Science: Professor Richard Ellis


Highly Cited Researchers 2020
Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research) – OVPR



• Image Credit: Clarivate Web of Science