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Relocation of students currently in UCL accommodation

26 March 2020

On the advice of Public Health England, UCL will be relocating some students who are currently staying in UCL Halls of Residence.

UCL quad

As the coronavirus crisis continues, it is vitally important to follow Government advice to limit the spread of infection. We have therefore strongly advised all students to leave UCL and vacate halls wherever possible.

Some of our halls are staying open for students who cannot leave UCL and need to remain with us in London. On the advice of Public Health England, we are relocating some of the students who are staying with us in these halls.

Students currently living in accommodation with shared bathrooms will be moved to halls with en-suite facilities. This will mean that they can self-isolate safely if they become unwell, reducing the risk of infection to other studentsstaff and our Student Residence Advisers who are continuing to work in halls.

We are contacting all the students who will be affected directly.

If you are being moved:

  • You will not be charged any extra fees
  • UCL will assist with all moving arrangements as instructed by Public Health England.

Your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us and we are committed to doing everything we can to support those who need to stay in our halls as far as possible. We will continue to provide safe housing for those students who are unable to leave UCL, and no-one will be asked to leave if they have no alternative accommodation.

Anyone worried about these arrangements should contact askUCL or their Hall Warden.

Carol Paige, the Democracy, Operations and Community Officer at Students’ Union UCL, said:

"The Students’ Union is committed to ensuring student welfare is paramount in any decision taken by UCL

The Students’ Union has had several discussions with UCL’s Accommodation’s Team over the relocation of student residents to rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and as a result we are in full support of this.

Students that share bathrooms can’t safely self-isolate and shared bathrooms are also a risk to other students, staff and the Student Residences Advisors who are continuing to work in halls. UCL are following Public Health England guidance to ensure that the students staying in halls are  in the safest possible environment and their relocation to rooms with en-suite facilities is the best available option.

In times like this we need unity and we are proud to say that we have worked together with UCL to get the best possible outcome for our members, they will not be charged any extra rent for the upgraded room and UCL are facilitating their relocation in the safest possible ways."