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Message for students from the Provost and the Registrar about building closures and returning home

20 March 2020

By 5.30pm Friday 20 March, most UCL buildings will be closed. We strongly advise students to leave UCL and vacate halls wherever possible.

Message from the Provost about coronavirus

For the latest information about coronavirus and UCL's response to the outbreak, including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our main coronavirus webpage

UCL has announced that by Friday 20 March, the whole university will have moved to remote working with only some essential activities taking place and ongoing research which is in the immediate national interest. 

Your health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us during these unprecedented times. Due to increasing travel restrictions and the need to reduce movement of people in the foreseeable future, we are urging all students who have access to an alternative safe and secure source of accommodation to vacate UCL halls of residences.  

As this an unprecedented situation, it is hard to predict how long we will be advising students to study remotely for. However, it looks probable that we will not be able to offer teaching or other learning and assessment activities onsite for the remainder of this academic year. 

We are very sorry that the coronavirus pandemic is having such a far-reaching impact on our students, and that it is creating financial and logistical challenges that are not easy to resolve. If you are worried, I encourage you to speak to your family and friends, or use the mental health and wellbeing support available for UCL students. If you are concerned about your living arrangements or experiencing financial difficulties, please contact askUCL for Student Support & Wellbeing services and funding advice.

Notifying UCL that you are leaving

For those students currently living in UCL student accommodation, who are able to leave and are vacating their residences by 25 April, please complete our leaving form to notify UCL Accommodation that you have left or are planning to leave. 

If you do not live in UCL or other student accommodation, please notify askUCL

Students in UCL accommodation 

We have taken the decision not to charge accommodation fees for students who will not be living in UCL halls in Term 3. This applies to those residents who have already checked out from 13 March or are planning on checking out by 25 April.

We will be writing to all students in UCL-managed accommodation with more details soon. 

If you cannot leave UCL

We know that for some of you, leaving is not possible for a variety of reasons and you will be staying with us in London. We are committed to providing safe housing for those who are unable to leave London or who have no alternative accommodation. We have received an increase in demand from students who currently have no recourse to housing. We hope those who are currently in UCL halls understand the needs of their fellow students. 

If you are remaining in UCL student accommodation, please complete our staying on form to notify us and remember to check the Public Health England website for the latest information about self-isolation and what to do if you feel unwell.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and we are very sorry for the disruption you have faced to your studies. Given the UK Government’s advice about reducing all but essential travel, our over-riding priority remains the welfare of our students and staff and ensuring our community receives the support it needs as this situation develops. UCL will continue to use its best endeavours to support you remotely with your learning and with alternative assessments. 

This is a period of extraordinary uncertainty that is challenging for a great many people. Please do take care of yourselves and know that as a community, we are all rallying together.  

With our best wishes,
Professor Michael Arthur
President and Provost
Wendy Appleby
Registrar and Head of Student and Registry Services