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Camden Council to consult on the Camden Climate Action Plan – have your say

30 January 2020

In Summer 2019, Camden Council held the UK’s first Citizen’s Assembly on the climate crisis, with contributions from citizens across the borough including staff and students from UCL.

Camden Lock in north London

The Assembly concluded with 17 recommendations for a borough-wide response to the climate crisis, along the four main themes of:

  • People taking action to reduce their environmental impact
  • Public spaces being green, car free and healthier
  • Buildings using less energy and harnessing power from the sun
  • Organisations leading the climate emergency response.

Now Camden Council are consulting on the proposed Climate Action Plan for Camden, a five-year programme of activities and events that deliver on the recommendations of the Citizen’s Assembly.

The consultation allows you to have your say on the proposals – take part on the Camden Council website.

You can read the full Citizen’s Assembly report on Camden's website.

Camden also commissioned the UCL Culture’s Evaluation Team (Engagement) to evaluate the citizens’ assembly – read the full evaluation report here.