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Security, cleaning and catering discussions on 7 October: request for students' ideas and feedback

4 October 2019

UCL has invited the UNISON union to discussions about how we will improve terms and conditions for security, cleaning and catering staff at UCL. Your ideas and feedback are welcomed.

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We know that many of you are aware of the activity around insourcing that has taken place across the sector. We wanted to let you know that UCL has invited UNISON, UCL’s recognised trade union for professional services staff (grades 1-6 excluding technicians), to discussions about how we will improve the terms and conditions of these staff, mindful of issues of equity. This would cover holidays, sickness leave, and pensions. We recognise that there may be significant cost challenges to how we do this so it may take some time, but we are committed to reviewing and taking progressive action.

We have exclusively invited UNISON to a meeting with us on 7 October and plan to start a joint discussion with them and union members on what else UCL can do to improve their conditions.

We are aware that as a member of the UCL community, you will also have ideas on the best way to manage our security, cleaning and catering arrangements for the university and so, we would like to invite you to give feedback via this link.