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Neurodivergent Staff Network at UCL

27 June 2019

A new network has been created for neurodivergent staff at UCL.

The UCL Quad

This network has been created by and for neurodivergent UCL staff to:

Neurodivergent Staff Network logo
  1. Offer each other day-to-day support based on our shared experiences.
  2. Collaborate to change environments and challenge attitudes that undermine our ability to work effectively and compromise our mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Create a sense of belonging, celebrating the joys and successes that our neurodiversity can bring.



We have started the group in Slack, a free communication platform for your phone (download via your app store), and for your work PC (download via the Software Centre). 

If you are interested in joining, please email Dafne Zuleima at d.morgado-ramirez@ucl.ac.uk stating the email address that you would like the invitation sent to.